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The Best Way for Women to GAIN Healthy Weight {+ Save on Protein Factory's Weight Gain Stack for Women} #deal

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Protein Factory. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

The Perfect Body.

How many magazine covers shout out the proclamation that they have just what we need to have the perfect body? And let's be honest--- how many of us have picked up said magazines to find out the secrets? I know I have. And when I open these magazines it's always the same... do these exercises to get a flatter tummy, eat this to lose five pound fast, take these supplements to help with weight loss. Some of them are crazy. Some of them contradict one another. Some of them fail. And yet we still buy the magazines and strive to get that perfect size zero figure...a goal that for many is not attainable or even healthy.

Thankfully, slowly but surely the way women's bodies are viewed is changing for the better. We are discovering that it is not JUST that teeny tiny model bodies that we strive to have. Curves are in! Muscle definition is in! Instagram models have created a whole new movement and now thousands of women are saying goodbye to fad diets to keep them thinner, and instead looking to find out 'How do I GAIN weight?'.

Of course, gaining weight should be a whole lot easier than losing...right? Grab a pizza, indulge in ice cream... carbs, carbs, carbs. But... that's not quite what they have in mind. They want to gain weight healthily. They want to be fit and toned, strong with curves in all the right places. And that takes a little more effort. So...how do they do it? Healthy weight gain involves a combination of increasing dietary protein intake and lifting weights.

Protein Factory helps make getting the proper protein for weight gain easier with their weight gaining stack for women!

The stack features oatmeal powder, high quality egg white protein, the world's highest quality creatine (Creapure) and flax oil. These ingredients work together to increase total caloric intake and provide the appropriate protein needed to gain muscle.

But how does it all work? Let's break it down by the products to see exactly what you're getting and how it will help with your body goals:

5 Pounds of Oatmuscle: The main goal of the the oats is to increase your caloric intake... but not all calories, or all oats are created equally. Many on the market can include more processed carbs and added sugars that can aid to increasing fat stores. Remember the ultimate goal is increasing muscle NOT fat, so this isn't very beneficial. Oatmuscle is JUST all natural oats, nothing added and nothing removed making it the ideal way to increase your calories without any of the extras.

2- 2lbs of Egg White Protein: When it comes to building muscle, protein is key! But again, not all proteins are created equally. Whey protein is often found in protein supplements, but can affect your insulin, so the egg white protein gives you the protein your body needs and does not affect insulin levels.

1 bottle of flax oil: We often think that fats need to be avoided entirely, but that's not necessarily true... but we do need healthy fats. Flax oil provides just that, and gives the extra calories required for weight gain too. Just two tablespoons can give you an extra 260 calories!

1- 2 month supply of Creapure: Did you know that creatine is the ONLY proven muscle building supplement that can increase muscle mass quickly? It works together with the Oatmuscle to increase absorption and help make your workouts (the other must have key factor in gaining healthy weight) much more effective. It is a very common supplement taken by athletes and body builders as it has been shown to increase muscle mass, strength and exercise performance.

What won't you find in these products? Soy, artificial sweeteners and caffeine--- to name a few! These products were designed specifically with women in mind, incorporating the best possible products to help you achieve your weight gain goals healthily....and nothing extra that we don't need! They take into account that men and women gain weight differently, and therefor need different methods in accomplishing our goals.

As I said, this stack won't have you fit on its own, but with the proper weight lifting routines, it will help you reach all those fitness goals you have in mind. Want to get started gaining HEALTHY weight and muscle? Right now you can save 10% off products at Protein Factory with the exclusive code RANDIKAYE. Click here to shop and learn more.


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