Friday, June 1, 2018

Summer Cloth: Tips For Preventing Heat Rash in the Cloth Diapered Baby

Summertime...the season of swimming pools, barbecues, vacations, and fun in the sun! For many, the summer heat can also lead to heat rash. The diaper area can be a particularly prone area...afterall, cloth diapers are designed to keep the moisture in. And when hot humid weather strikes and baby starts would only make sense, right?

Here in Indiana, we've had a fairly mild summer for the most part and have not had to deal with heat rash too much. Unfortunately, others are not nearly so lucky. If you have a little one who struggles with heat rash, consider these few tips to keep your baby cool and dry!

Change Often. Of course, it is always important to change your little one's diaper often, but even more so in the summer heat. Keeping baby's bottom dry will keep rashes of all kinds away!

Ditch the PUL. Again, we've never had any issues with PUL over the summertime, but if your child does, consider more breathable options least on the more extreme days! Wool or fleece covers can be a great alternatives. Or if you're staying home, just ditch the covers entirely! (You'll just want to be certain again to change baby frequently...with no waterproof covering, you could end up with a mess on your hands otherwise.)

Get Naked! Perhaps one thing that may have kept my daughter from developing heat rash is letting her air dry. After each diaper change I'll give her 5-10 minutes or so to just run around diaperless. She loves it, and I love that it helps keep her super cool and dry. I'll admit, we've ended up with a few puddles along the way, so be prepared for that. (And if your little one has an older brother- be prepared for the giggles and shouts of 'She's naked! or 'I see her BUTT!' Boys will be boys!!)

Go Swimming! Since heat rash is caused by sweat, keeping cool is the easiest way to prevent it from starting... but that's easier said than done in the summer heat (because who wants to be cooped up inside all day, right?). One of our favorite ways to cool down is a little time in the kiddie pool! Post swim time is also a great time to allow baby to have their naked mess to clean up if they pee outside!!

Pants? Who Needs Them? I've said it once, and I'll say it again...cloth diapers are just entirely TOO cute to cover anyway, so why bother? Keeping clothing layers to a minimum helps baby stay cool, and allows you to show off their super cute fluff! My daughter's summer wardrobe consists almost entirely of cute dresses and tops that coordinate with her diapers! Adorable!

Heat rashes can be an annoyance, but they don't have to ruin your summer cloth experience! Keep dry, stay cool and baby will be rocking their fluff all summer long.

Has your little one struggled with summer heat rash in cloth? What tips and tricks have YOU found that worked for you?


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