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How To Start a Bible Journaling Group {+ A Look At June's Illustrated Faith Kit: Stronger Together} #IF_StrongerTogether

**Kit received as part of the Illustrated Faith Launch Team. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

For so many-myself included, Bible journaling has become such a positive way to grow our faith. Is it any wonder then that we desire to share that with others? So today, we're talking about starting your very own Bible journaling group.

The big question: why start a Bible journaling group?

Matthew 18:20 reminds us that where two or three are gathered in His name, He is there with them. This is a great reason to meet with fellow Christians for ANY group, but why Bible journaling specifically?

For me, I think crafting is a great way to enjoy time together with other creative minded people. Just think about all these paint parties and paint night events that many of us have either been to, or have seen popping up on our our newfeeds. The concept is simple, grab a group of friends, come and paint. Learn a new skill and make great memories. Sounds fun, right? But with Bible journaling, you're not just spending time making memories together, but you're spending time with God together too--- forming better relationships with each other AND Him.

I loved the way it was put on a card I'd recently received from Dayspring, " If you teach a woman to journal in her Bible...she will linger longer in the Word! And when she lingers longer... she will listen and learn! And when she learns... she will live her faith! And when she lives her faith... great things happen!" Why would we not want to share that with all of the women we care about?

Bible Journaling it is... How do we get started?

First up, decide the who, when and where. Invite some friends who you think would be interested. If they already journal, great! If they've only shown an interest, that's great too Pick a time that works well for your group. Maybe it's Sundays after church or maybe an evening during the week that everyone has free. Do what works for you. When considering location, think about the work space... journaling can be a little messy and take a lot of space so make sure you have plenty of room for everyone to work. This may be in your home, or perhaps you're better off seeing if you can meet at your church if more room is needed.

After you've figured out the time and place, it's time to start gathering supplies. You can and should definitely encourage all participants to bring supplies of their own, but if you can it's a great idea to have some basics on hand for them- especially for those that are new to journaling. Some ideas to get you started include:

  • paint
  • colored pencils
  • variety of stamps
  • ink
  • brushes
  • old gift cards
  • bubble wrap
  • stencils
  • washi tape
  • extra die cuts
  • alpha stickers
  • paper for journaling (or inexpensive journals if you're able)
You get the idea. Aside from a few, many of these basic supplies can be used over and over again so they are great to have provided for your guests. Again, ask your guests to bring any supplies they might have as well. Also, be sure to ask guests to supply their own Bible. While a journaling Bible is ideal, an inexpensive Bible from Dollar Tree, etc can also work OR just a regular journal. You can have just plain paper on hand for journaling as well (as mentioned in the supply list above). This will give your guests a chance to see what it's all about without having to buy anything special. I think for many, the cost of Bible journaling can keep them from starting, so I love the idea of showing them that there are other options that are much more cost effective to allow more people to benefit!

The event is here... What do we do?

The best way to start your event is with a prayer. Pray for everyone participating, and that God may use this event and journaling to draw everyone closer to Him. This is what it's all about, right?

If you have a group that are not already active Bible journalers, start by introducing them to the idea. Topics might include:

  • What is Bible journaling?
  • Who can do it?
  • Share YOUR story...why do YOU love journaling?
  • Give options--- journaling Bible types, non-Bible options, etc. 
  • Ways to journal. Share some favorite techniques and tricks.
  • Show examples of your own journaling or pictures found online. Try to include a variety of styles when possible. 
  • Allow others to share their experiences in journaling. 

Most importantly, dig in! Allow everyone to do their journaling, encourage one another, enjoy conversation. You can choose to let everyone journal what they are feeling that day, or stick together with particular verses or subjects.

One great way to work together is by using a devotional as a guideline. The Illustrated Faith Monthly devotial kits can be a great way to do this. Each month you are given a new topic with 4 devotions (sometimes more). If you meet weekly, you can do them each week together. If you meet once a month, you can work through 3 weeks on your own and the 4th week together. I love the idea of working through these together because you can read the devotions and discuss, gaining a perspective you might not have seen otherwise. This month's kit is the PERFECT way to get started, perfectly titled, 'Stronger Together'. Take a look:

The June Illustrated Faith 'Stronger Together' devotional kit encourages us to honor others-speak words of kindness, connect with friends-stick closer than a brother, gather with family and friends-community matters, and combine our prayers with others-there's strength in numbers.  "Take time this month to thank God for all of the wonderful people in your life." —Shanna Noel 
1 thank you card from Shanna1 roll washi tape1 clear stamp collection3 heart-shaped tip-ins8 paper prompts25 paper pieces2 sheets translucent stickers4 journaling cards4 devotional cards1 plastic holder

This kit is such a fantastic reminder of the importance of meeting together, as I talked about in my 100 Days recap here. It does so with a fun design all about community with cute little houses. This month even offers and optional stamp kit that allows you to build your own houses too. I love the beautiful colors seen in this kit, but mostly I enjoy the message behind it. Community matters. Relationships matter. We are better when we spend time together.

Like I said, it's the perfect way to get your Bible journaling group started, working through this beautiful message together! Head on over to Dayspring to purchase your Stronger Together kit. Don't forget to use code IFSHIPSFREE for free shipping.

Psst, did you know that Dayspring also offers resources for groups too? Save big with surprise bundles for a fraction of the cost, or purchase select kits and supplies in bulk for a group discount. You can find all of the group resources here.


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