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100 Days of Bible Journaling: Days 57-63

Day 57: Why Do You Doubt?

Doubt. We all do it, don't we? We may not ever doubt that God exists, but that idea that He's got it all handled? Well, that many of us struggle with. We want to put our trust fully to God and hand it all over, but we start to doubt. We start to sink. We wonder about all the what ifs that could go wrong instead of trusting God to make it all work out. I know I do. This is something that I constantly struggle with...

For this page, I wanted to give myself a reminder to stop the what ifs that have a tendency to drag me down... to say goodbye to doubts and just trust in God always. I loved the brighter colors on this page, and how the yellow really popped. Sometimes however in journaling when you use letter stickers you come across the issue of letters running out. It's moments like these you have to get creative and make letters out of other letters...or numbers as the case may be!

Day 58: God's Peace is Perfect

Peace has been a recurring theme in this journal (one of several recurring topics), but I love that because... well, I need the reminder. I need those verses that remind me that in the middle of the storm, there is peace to be found in God. And that peace truly is the perfect peace.

For this page, I really wanted to use that idea of peace in the storm--- lots of blues to represent the rain, and of course some raindrops too. I loved the way this page turned out and I know it is one that i will visit time and time again.

Day 59: You Are Saved By Faith

Have you ever read through all those Old Testament rules they had to follow? Like really, truly read through.. not just skimmed (as it can be so easy to do). My goodness, it's quite the list. I read through again recently and found myself thanking God for Jesus' sacrifice, because there certainly is no way that I could have ever lived up to them. Thank God it is by FAITH, not by works we are saved or none of us would meet the guidelines.

For this page, I wasn't quite sure where to begin. Sometimes when I start a page, I have an exact idea of where I want to go...other times I browse through my die cuts, stickers, etc until inspiration hits. This was one of the latter. I found this 'free in my faith' die cut and I loved that idea. It is through faith we are saved. It is through faith we are free. After that, I found a cute little butterfly and went from there. I often do full page spreads, but for this one, I decided to try something a little different with just some small artwork and plenty of additional blank space so I can add in journaling.

Day 60: Jesus's Rest Is The Best

 Rest is another theme that has been repeated a few times throughout this journal. We get it, right? It's good to rest. It's good to relax. It's good to find time to ourselves to decompress. Rest is good. But I never really stopped to consider that not all rest is equal. Sure, we can go to a spa and we might find some great relaxation. We might vacation at the beach and escape reality for a bit. Those are great. But the rest we find in Jesus? It has a way of transforming. We don't have to escape to the spa or beach, He has the power to give us complete and total rest no matter where we are. Yes, His rest in indeed the best!

For this page, I decided to keep it fairly simple--- a simple aqua background and allowing the words to really speak for themselves. I love the look of the red and aqua together (a favorite color combination) and just the simplicity of it all.

Day 61: God Provides Every Need

I once went to a Christian event with my mom as a child, and heard a lady speak on this very topic. God provides every need. I don't remember the full details of her message or why she had begun praying for it to begin with, but whatever it was--- she found herself feeling down and deep in prayer over the little things... like her desperate need for new underwear. A pretty basic necessity, right? But some that many still put off buying for themselves due to great needs like food and bills. If the old stained and worn ones still do the job, they can wait, right? Still, she found herself praying about it. And you know what happened immediately after she said amen? God answered. Her mother called to let her know she'd caught a great sale and had picked her up a ton of new underwear cheap. Now, is that God's timing or what? For whatever reason, this message has always stuck out to me throughout the years... the reminder that God will always provide our NEEDS. The wants, he may not, but the needs, He has us covered!

For this page, I was struck with this idea that God was the ultimate provider and so I went with that. I created a bold background using the credit card method and used some very simple lettering and stamps for this great message. It's not a fancy page by any means, but such a powerful message! God provides!

Day 62: Adventure in God's Word

Do you ever feel like life is this grand adventure...and you're trying to find your way through the wilderness of it all without a map to guide you! Yes, me too. Life is confusing, it's messy, it doesn't make much sense. I find myself all turned around and don't know where to go. But the Bible tells us we DO have the perfect map--- God's word!! We just have to seek it out and allow it to lead us through our lives as God has intended.

For this page, I initially wanted to do something with maps and incorporate the word 'adventure'... but I realized I had done something very similar on a recent page during this challenge. Instead, I decided to focus on the Bible... I found this great die cut and decided to use it to share that simple message--- let the Bible lead us. Seek God's word and it will lead the way!

Day 63: Set Your Mind Above

There are a lot of distractions in this world, aren't there? We try so hard to follow God, but then things of this world pop up and take our attention away. We've all been there, right? We SHOULD be reading the Bible, but... we have to catch up on that latest episode of (insert favorite show here). Those distractions can keep us from giving our all to God. We have to remember to keep God as the #1 focus in our lives. That doesn't mean we cannot enjoy other things, be it that favorite TV show or catching up with friends via social media... but we must remember where our focus lies and not let these distractions keep us from that.

For this page, I loved this script sticker that states simply 'Lift Up Your Eyes'. What a great reminder to keep our eyes on the prize--- Jesus, that is! Initially I had wanted to incorporate a glasses die cut into this page because well... I love glasses! Unfortunately, it just didn't seem to work. Instead I went with this super cute ribbon clip that featured glasses! Fun, right?

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