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On Choosing Motherhood {+ Wraith Coming To DVD May 8} #Wraiththemovie

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With Mother's Day quickly approaching, it's a time that many of us find ourselves reflecting on those first moments of motherhood... like finding out we are going to be mothers. For many, this is a joyous time- something that they have waited for and prayed for. They are thrilled and cannot wait to meet their baby. Still, for many others it comes as a huge shock. It wasn't something they had planned for or even wanted for their life. It can bring out a lot of fear.

I was nineteen years old when my son was born--- just a few weeks shy of twenty. While my husband and I were thrilled to be growing our family, I would be lying if I said it wasn't also terrifying. We wanted to start a family, but didn't imagine it would happen quite so soon.What if we were bad parents? What if we didn't know what we were doing? What if we failed? Still, for us there was never an option. I knew that this was God's plan for our family, and that He would make everything work out. I had my faith to help me through the uncertainty of parenthood. I also had my family standing by my side (in spirit anyway as we lived on the other side of the country).

Sadly, many are not so lucky. They find themselves facing the idea of motherhood on their own... no family, no support, no faith. And so they find themselves facing what will perhaps be the biggest decision of their life? To have a child or to end the pregnancy?

If I could offer these girls and women just one piece of advice, I would simply remind them that they are stronger than they could ever imagine. Going into it, I didn't know the first thing about motherhood. I don't think any of us truly do... even if we think we're prepared. Seeing others do it and actually doing it ourselves? Completely different experience. And honestly, it's not always easy... it's messy, it's tiring, it's unpredictable... but its 100% worth it. Every single minute. In spite of all that, it will bring you more joy than you can ever imagine. Looking into your child's eyes for the first time, feeling their tiny fingers wrapped around your own, those first smiles, hearing them say 'mama', homemade Mother's Day gifts, the snuggles, the 'I love yous'... I cannot imagine how my life would be if I had chosen not to become a mother, just because the timing wasn't what I'd had planned.

No matter how difficult you think it might be, you've got this. And God's got you.

We all know that the pro-life/pro-choice argument is one that ignites many passions on both sides... and today I'm excited to share with you a new movie that shares the pro-life message in a unique and exciting way. Pro-life filmmaker Michael Sajabel, who previously directed legendary actor Peter O’Toole in One Night With the King based on the Biblical story of Esther, wrote and directed WRAITH to “….incorporate a very important message about valuing all life no matter how complicated it can get.”

WRAITH is a supernatural thriller that explores the story of a family who invites evil into their home after they decide they may not go forward with an unplanned pregnancy.  The film reminds us that God always protects and provides, and that protecting life is always the right choice. Take a look:

Wraith (rāth) noun: a ghost or ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen after, or shortly before, their deathSomething’s very wrong in the Lukens’ house.After living uneventfully for years in their historic home, the Lukens family have somehow awakened a ghostly presence. Who is this frightening spirit and why won’t it leave their 14 year-old daughter, Lucy, alone?Everything changed when Dennis and Katie Lukens discovered they were pregnant again. Expecting in your 40’s is always high-risk and dangerous, so when the Lukens decide all options are on the table - including termination - the unexpected starts to happen. Sinister forces are now conspiring against the family. But is this eerie, wraith-like spirit actually trying to haunt them...or help them?

While this certainly isn't going to be a movie for everyone, I for one am looking forward to checking it out, and perhaps it'll open up new eyes to the reminder that life is precious and should be protected.
Wraith is available on all VOD platforms and Blu-ray/DVD May 8th.

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What advice would you give to a new mom to be who isn't sure what to do? How do you think Wraith will shine a new light on this hot topic issue?


  1. This movie sounds scary! I have been frightful of spirits and ghosts since my son Logan passed from sids 6 years ago.


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