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Easy Ways To Start Saving with Minimal Efforts

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I'm cheap!

No seriously... I am. You can try to make it sound better--- frugal, thrifty, whatever you want--- but the reality is--- I avoid spending money where I don't have to--- and sometimes even where I do have to. Yes, cheap is the best word.

Growing up, we didn't have much so perhaps that is where my mindset came from- I learned to make do with what I had, and that even if you can spend, why should you? Throughout the years, my husband and I had had our financial ups and downs and in those down points, I have been very thankful for those money saving skills I have developed. Today, I'm passing them onto you! These simple ideas can help you start saving money with very minimal efforts involved.
  • Clip Coupons. Okay, so I said minimal efforts, right? So... how does couponing qualify?  Isn't it pretty time consuming? Yes, it can be if you go to the full effort of creating a coupon binder, etc... and honestly, that can be great too. However, even casually using coupons can help save you money. Clip just what you need, or even opt to use digital coupons instead. Those little amounts from casual coupon use can really add up over time... and if you decide to put in more efforts--- even better!
  • Ditch the Disposables. We talk a lot about ditching disposables when it comes to diapers, etc... but it's not the only way we can eliminate the paper products in our home... go for reuseable water bottles, lunchboxes, use kitchen towels over paper towels, use regular plates over paper, etc. There are many different changes you can make from the simple to the extreme. This not only saves you money, but is more environmentally friendly as well. (Note: This does tend to have more of an upfront cost, of course, but long term savings can be great!)
  • Simplify Your Cleaning Closet. Take a look at your cleaning closet--- how many cleaning supplies do you have on hand? If you have a different type of cleaner for absolutely everything--- chances are you can save a lot of money just by cutting back. A few simple products like baking soda, vinegar, lemon oil and ammonia are effective cleaners that are generally very inexpensive and can be used for a LARGE variety of jobs--- replacing many of those specialty cleaners. 
  • Switch Up Providers. Take a look at your cable,internet and phone bills. Are you paying for more than you use? Cut down where you can there, but also take a look at other providers and see if you can find a better rate for what you need. Why pay more than you have to, right?
  • Ditch Cable. One of the quickest ways to start saving is to drop your cable bill completely (or stick to the basic local channels if its attached to and makes your internet cheaper!). Honestly, these days there are so many streaming options that you can still enjoy TV without the high price tag! I will discuss this topic more, weighing the pros and cons in the near future. 
  • Pack a Lunch. Packing a lunch rather than eating at work/school can offer tremendous savings, unless your children are already receiving free or reduced meals (be sure to apply for these if you feel like you need them!) Sure, this does take SOME effort, but it can be as easy as taking leftovers, or throwing together a sandwich! 
  • Plan Ahead. Meal planning can help keep you on a budget, and help save you from food waste too... but it's not only meal planning that can help. Planning a trip--- even if just out for the day? Plan to eat ahead at home or pack food for the road to avoid having to eat out later!
  • Buy Generic. Another great way to save money effortlessly is to not be brand specific. Now, you might find there are some products where generic does not work and/or taste the same (for me, it's hair products!)... but in my experience, generic is often just as good! Especially food wise! 
  • Shop Secondhand. Generally speaking, if you can buy things used, they tend to be cheaper! I love a good yard sale for kids clothes, home decor, furniture pieces and more! 
  • Weigh Your Options. Impulse buying is the death of all plans to save! People often ask me how I manage to spend so little and get the best savings and honestly, it's self control and weighing every single purchase before going through with it. Do I NEED this? Will I use it enough to justify the cost? Can I get a cheaper alternative elsewhere? Is it a good value? By asking myself these questions, I talk myself out of many unnecessary purchases.
These are just a few great ways to help you start saving money... what are your personal money saving tips? I'd love to hear them in the comments below! 


  1. I no longer have a TV or a cable bill. I shop at thrift stores.

  2. I am using a few of these tips already, good ones to go by


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