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Victoria's Secret: Baltic Amber

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. Your skin stretches past points you never thought imaginable, you spend months sicker than a dog, and at the end of it all you get to start your journey by pushing something the size of a bowling ball out of one of the smallest holes you've ever seen. Motherhood, from the beginning, is like being put through a meat grinder only to fall in love at the end of it all.
Pregnancy, for myself, was steadily miserable. So miserable I actually asked my mother how she managed to have seven. I was about to welcome my first child into the world and I was already trying to convince my husband and my doctor that tying my tubes would be in the best interest of everyone. The day finally came, though, and despite all of my fears and low pain tolerance, I did it. I made it through my right of passage into becoming a mother and I was holding the most beautiful girl in my world. In that moment, it all made sense. This is how you have seven.

Several months later, I started noticing signs of teething. My cute, cuddly infant suddenly turned into a drooling, cranky monster. How did this happen? How do we make it stop? Surely, someone out there had figured out the answers to this question by now and this phase would be short lived. Searches through several parenting blogs and mom forums brought me to one conclusion, we were all screwed. No one had found one cure to save us all. What worked for one parent wasn't guaranteed to work for another. It was hard to imagine that something as common as teething had yet to have a solid solution.

The following week I was sitting in my weekly Tuesday yoga class when I overheard a fellow mom telling her friend about Baltic amber teething necklaces from balticwonder.com/. She had said that her child had been suffering from inflamed gums for weeks when she had purchased the necklace in hopes of soothing him. I was curious. How had I not heard of this during my hunt for remedies?
Baltic amber gets its name from the region it's located in. For centuries, countries around the Baltic sea have used amber for many medicinal purposes. Amber is collected from the sap of conifer trees located in the region. Once collected, the succinic rich resin is separated from the sap and turned into amber. Succinic acid is the key component in amber and is responsible for all of it's medicinal benefits. From it's anti-inflammatory properties to it's antioxidant rich makeup, amber can cure most of your common household ailments.

How does amber work? Amber works when your body heats the beads, allowing for the resin rich oil to seep through the porous surface and into your body's bloodstream. Once absorbed, you start feeling the healing effects almost immediately.

I was convinced. I bought an amber necklace for my teething monster and prayed for the best. Once it was delivered we put it on her ankle almost immediately and waited for something to happen. By the end of that week, her drool had decreased significantly and her gum inflammation was nearly gone. By the end of the second week, we had completely forgot that she was teething.

Baltic amber not only saved my sanity, but it restored my baby girl's bubbly, happy, and content personality. I couldn't have found amber at a better time. For centuries amber has proven itself in communities around the world, and today I can confidently say, it's proven itself in this modern mama's household. When the ladies at my next Yoga group ask me what my secret it, I'll tell them Baltic amber!


  1. Very nice share, never knew about this. Natural treatment is a good way to go


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