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How To Pack the Perfect Diaper Bag {+ An Obersee Madrid Messenger Bag Review}

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Becoming a mom for the first time can be--- well, a little overwhelming! Some days it seems like we are just barely able to take care of our own selves, then suddenly we're completely responsible for this tiny little human! There is so much for a new mom to learn!

Much of that comes very naturally with time, or is easily figured out... but there is one area that many new moms make mistakes at here and there. Packing the diaper bag! You leave the house with the baby, get to where you're going and suddenly discover--- you're out of __________. It's happened to the best of us, right?

So, how DO you pack the perfect diaper bag? While all needs will vary from baby to baby, mom to mom, today I am sharing my own personal essentials to help get you started:

  • Diapers. It's right there in the name, right? You'll want to make sure to have enough- you know your child best, but it's recommended to have a minimum of 1 diaper for every 1-2 hours you'll be out, plus extras! Don't skimp on the extras! 
  • Wipes & Other Diapering Needs. After the diapers, of course you'll want to have wipes and other diapering needs. That could include a rash cream if needed, or a wet bag if using cloth diapers. (I recommend a wet bag even if you DON'T use cloth, in case of soiled clothes from diaper mishaps or even food spills too!)
  • Change of Clothes. Even if it's just a 'quick run to the store', you never know what can happen with kids! Having a spare outfit on hand is a must! 
  • Food. As a breastfeeding mom, you might not need anything at all. For me, a simple cover usually did the job... but you may need formula or pumped milk, bottles, etc. Or for an older baby, little snacks for on the go. 
  • Entertainment. A cute crinkle book, teething toy, etc... something to help keep the little ones occupied when you're out and about. 
  • Baby Carrier. A carrier is perfect to keep baby calm and comforted, and is very handy for breastfeeding on the go as well! 
  • Mom Essentials. Cell phone, wallet, lip gloss--- skip carrying a purse and just toss it all in the diaper bag instead! 
That's it! Some may pack more-- band aids, medicines, additional toys, pacifiers, etc--- but I found for myself, the basics worked out very well!  But again, you'll learn your baby best and figure out very quickly what your personal diaper bag needs are. And as they age, you'll find that those needs will change too! 

But no matter what goes inside, it all starts with finding the perfect diaper bag! You want something with room enough for all your essentials, something easy to carry and something that is stylish and fun too! Something like the Obersee Madrid Convertible Diaper Backpack Messenger Bag!

Take a look at some of the great features of the Madrid Diaper Bag that make it a great choice:

The Madrid Diaper Backpack Messenger Bag by Obersee is a spacious premium quality diaper bag with a messenger bag style that transforms into a backpack. The practical styling allows for years of use, even after your child is beyond the diaper bag years. The exterior of the messenger bag is made of robust material, and features a wide shoulder strap with a neoprene shoulder pad for comfort and a quick and easy to use length adjustment clip. The exterior of the bag also features a padded top carry handle, side drink pocket, a pacifier pocket, a fleece-lined tablet computer pocket, two horizontal pockets under the cover flap that may be accessed when the cover flap is closed, a small pocket for personal items, and rings for use with stroller straps (stroller straps sold separately). The back of the bag features padded backpack straps, which fit into a back pocket when not in use. To allow for flexibility in style, the bag features a detachable cover flap so that the style and color of the front of the bag may be changed to fit your personal preference. The Madrid Diaper Messenger Backpack includes an Obersee Voila changing mat kit, which is a changing mat with integrated pockets for diapers, wipes and small changing supplies, an insulated cooler bag, and the Obersee diaper bag organizer clothing cube for keeping clothing and other items in an easy-to-access, removable bag ideal for keeping everything organized and tidy. The Voila Changing Mat slides quickly and easily into the front horizontal pocket under the cover flap, which can be accessed even when the bag is closed perfect for quick diaper changes. The interior of the bag features two compartments divided by a large center zippered section. The back compartment is specifically designed to fit the included cooler bag and clothing cube. The front compartment features a large mesh zipper pocket for easy viewing of contents and three smaller mesh pockets for keeping various baby supplies organized. The bag is large enough to accommodate most 17 inch laptop computers, so it can easily be used as a business bag once your child is out of the diaper years! 

Sounds pretty fantastic, right? Upon opening it, I was very impressed with the high quality material. We know that not all diaper bags are created equal, but the quality of this one certainly sets it apart. My favorite part was the amount of space and organization provided. We used cloth diapers, and as those who use them know, they can take up quite a bit more room than your typical disposable. We'd tried other diaper bags in the past that couldn't fit much else, but this was quite spacious, plenty of room for all your needs! And they really did consider all of those needs--- an included cooler bag for snacks, and a clothing cube to store that extra outfit and make it easier to pack and grab!? Genius! All of the pockets are just what you need to stay organized on the go, and not have to dump everything out to find just what you're looking for!

Perhaps my favorite feature though is that it can be used as a backpack. Now, I'll be honest, I'm not usually a fan of wearing backpacks, but sometimes, it's just necessary, or certainly easier anyway! Have you ever had to carry a typical diaper bag while wearing a baby? It's not comfortable! Wearing as a backpack (with baby in your front), is just much easier! Especially for places where you do more walking--- trips to the zoo,etc.

I also loved that it truly does grow with your family, because let's be honest our needs for a typical 'diaper bag' may end when the little ones are potty trained, but we never seem to outgrow the mom bag! When you're planning a day trip, kids require a fair amount of stuff so this bag will continue to provide those needs. And I love that I can use for my laptop as well! There are no kiddish designs, so once the baby days are past, the possibilities are endless. We spend so much money on baby gear that can only be used for a year or two, so something that serves multiple purposes after the fact!? I'll take it!

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What are YOUR diaper bag essentials? What features do you love about the Obersee Madrid Convertible Diaper Backpack Messenger Bag?


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