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Give Your House a Fresh Look with Lighting From PureOptics LED {+ A Coupon Code}

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PureOptics LED. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

Do you ever just get in a mood to redo your home? I know I do. I'm constantly moving things around and trying to make little improvements here and there to better fit my needs. I want to always be falling more in love with whatever house I'm living in.

Still, as renters, there is only so much we can do. I can't be tearing down walls, painting or doing a complete kitchen renovation. I have to be a little more creative with my home renewal projects. Thankfully, I've learned a few ways over the year to revamp the home without any lasting changes or breaking the bank. Today, I'm sharing my top 3:

Give It A New Layout.
We may not be able to redo the floor plan of the house, but we can move the furniture! Try swapping out pieces from different rooms to give a new look without spending a dime.

Change the Textiles.
Throws, pillow covers, curtains, rugs.. these can make a huge difference in a room and can be done at most budgets too. If you really want to go all out, you can even reupholster your old furniture!

Adjust the Lighting.
If there is one thing that can make a HUGE difference in a home, it's the lighting! It can make a room feel brighter and bigger... where a dark room can make it feel small and cramped. It creates the atmosphere we want to create. While we might not be able to change out the existing overhead lighting in a rental home--- we can supplement that lighting.

One of the least favorite rooms in my current rental home is my kitchen. It's not the smallest kitchen I've had by any means, but it has two big downfalls. It has very limited storage space, and the lighting is AWFUL. It features one small overhead light and a small window that provides minimal extra lighting. During the evening, we usually have to turn a light on in the adjoining room to see to do anything. Add in some old school wood paneled walls, and it's a dark and slightly depressing room. It needed new life!

Enter Pure Optics LED:

Under Cabinet Lighting by PureOptics LED is a collection of sleek, linear light bars that provides maximum illumination at a minimum footprint. Lightweight and ranging from 9” to 24” in length, each compact bar can be installed free of tools or hardwiring, allowing for inimitable illumination using one or several linked light bars, practically anywhere. Boasting ten dimmable brightness levels and a motion sensor for remarkable hands-free use, this line of powerful, high lumen lighting offers unparalleled convenience in kitchens, bathrooms and more. Available in three color temperatures: natural daylight, cool white and warm white.

I was recently sent a 5-Bar Tool-Free LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit to try out for myself. Now, I must admit, despite being a carpenter's daughter, my house renovation skills are very minimal... I can use a drill and a hammer, but had never really had the opportunity to do much else. The great thing about this set is there truly is no experience required. Each kit includes 5 light bars and everything you need to install.

Here's how it works:

  1. Start by cleaning the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can get extremely greasy--- especially those underneath areas that we don't pay much mind too. I started by giving them a thorough wash down with dish soap and water. This allows the lights to stick on much better.
  2. Next up, I planned out my lighting. They require a plug in so I figure out the best layout to hide the cords, and how to place each light. It includes connecting cords of different lengths so you can play around with placement to figure out what layout works best, there is no particular order the lights needs to be in.Two of the 5 bars have an on/off button, so keep that in mind and decide where those would make the most sense in your kitchen. I found it made the most sense to have them at each end of the lighting for easy access. There is also a a motion sensor box that allows you to turn the lights on or off hands free, so consider the best use of that too (I found near the sink to be best!)
  3. If you need to drill, do so now. Because these are connected by wires, you may find that you want to drill some holes in the cabinets where they meet to hide them a bit. Because we rent, we were unable to do so, but minimized wires showing with the included wire clips.
  4. Slide the mounting clips onto the light bar. They fit perfectly into the grooves on the light bar for easy installation. I used two clips per light bar.

  5. Peel and stick. Each mounting clip features an adhesive backing, so simply remove the covering and stick. Use the handy included guide to help on even installation. Prefer to screw it in? You can do that too, but again as renters, I like that this is less permanent. 
  6. Adjust your wires.Once you finish, use the include wire clips (also with adhesive backings) to clean up any loose wires.

And that's it.. super easy, right? All in all, this project took under an hour from start to finish and the results? Fantastic! It gave me more light to work, and truly just made the room feel bigger and brighter! Oh what a difference lighting can make!

Aside from the ease of use, I also love that this product is completely customizable. I decide where everything goes, how many lights to use, where to put them, etc. While the five lights were perfect for my kitchen needs, you can also purchase individual bars, cords, mounts, etc... to extend the project further. This is again great as a renter, because when it comes time for our next home, I can add more bars or take them away as needed. And I can buy new clips to hang them for a great price!

If you're looking for a great way to update your kitchen, bathroom or ANY room with minimal work and expense... these lights can be just what you need! And right now you can save 20% off 5-Bar Under Cabinet Lighting Kits at PureOptics LED when you use the code 20OFFLED! Head on over to take advantage of these savings now!

How would you renew your home with these lights? Under the cabinets? Brighten up a closet? Display a collection? The options are limitless! Let me hear your ideas in the comments below.


  1. This would be a good addition to my kitchen. I need more light.


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