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For The Kid Who Loves Gross: Introducing Zits (EWWW!) + A Giveaway

**This is a sponsored post written my me on behalf of Zits (EWWW!). All thoughts are 100% my own.

10-year-old boys are gross.

Now, now... I'm not trying to start anything here... nor was my blog hacked by a 10-year-old girl... but let's be real--- as a mom to a said 10 year old boy... they like gross things. The grosser, the better. Honestly, from fake vomit to fake dog poop, my boy goes crazy for it all.A good ol' fart joke? Oh boy... watch out!

So, when I heard of a brand new game that takes the grossness to a whole new level, I just knew it was right up his alley.

Introducing Zits (EWWW!):

First came the whoopie cushion, then stink bombs, fake vomit, slime and poop emoji toys.  Now New York City’s NSI International, Inc. is taking “gross” to a whole new level. Introducing ZitsTM (EWWW!) pop n’ play pimples. Just press them on, squeeze ‘em, and gross out everyone! 
Zits pop n’ play pimples aim to move to the “whitehead” of the pack, disrupting a potty-crazed toy market that has brought kids everything from cuddly plush poop to electronic fart blasters. Now, Landi says, “It’s the pimple’s time to shine.” “With slime hotter than ever, we thought it was the perfect time to create the ultimate toy mash-up – adding some play compound to the thrill of pimple popping and the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap,” Landi says. “The result is the most disgustingly amazing toy ever.”

Can I get an EWWW!? But let's be honest--- we all have that one person in our lives that is fascinated with pimple popping, am I right? Hey, maybe it's even you... no judgement! There's even this strange internet fascination on the subject creating this craze of videos showing just that! One dermatologist, dubbed “Dr. Pimple Popper,” has 3.2 million YouTube subscribers and almost 1,000 videos, with a staggering 2 billion views. Say what!? All that for popping pimples!?

I suppose it only makes sense to bring the fun to life--- no real pimples necessary! And Zits does just that! My son- gross loving kid that he is- could not wait to try them out. How do they work? Simply peel off the backing, stick them on, and letting the popping begin! The slime oozes out and the laughter begins!

The good news for moms? Zits pop n play pimples are safe and non-toxic so even if you don't understand WHY the love them, you can at least feel comfortable allowing them to play safely. They come in variety of sizes and are being sold in a massive pack of 100 for $19.99 at IGotZits.com.

They will also be coming this March to Walmart and other major retailers and will be sold in packages of 25, with an MSRP of $4.99.

Want to try them out before you buy? One lucky winner can do just that! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

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Who do you know what would love this pimple popping fun!?


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