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Easter + April Fool's Day!? {Easter Themed Prank Ideas To Try}

I love Easter! It's such an amazing day to spend time with the family- celebrating Christ's resurrection and of course celebrating with sweet treats. But, as you likely have caught on to, this year there is a little something special about Easter...

It falls on April Fool's Day!

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This rare occurrence doesn't happen often. In fact, the last time was Easter 1956! So, while we certainly don't want to take away the importance of the Easter holiday, it does give us a chance to have some extra fun with the kiddos with some Easter themed pranks, doesn't it!? Today, I'm sharing just a few:

Funny Egg Fillers
  • Easter Egg Glitter Bombs. Fill those Easter eggs with glitter or confetti. When they open them up, glitter everywhere!
  • Mix in Bean-Boozled Jelly Beans. We all know that one of the most popular and traditional Easter candies out there are jelly beans, and thanks to Jelly Belly we have a great, festive prank already ready for us. Bean-Boozled has a mix of actual Jelly Belly flavors with a variety of gross flavors too. They might get a lime... they might get a booger! You just never know. (Alternately, just offering the game in their baskets is still a fun option without the major 'yuck' surprise!)
  • Opt for Healthy Egg Fillers. Skip the candy and instead fill with carrots sticks, grapes, pieces of broccoli, etc. Kids will open expecting to find sweet treats and instead find fruits and veggies. Don't worry, you can still have candy on standby! 
  • Faux Cadbury Eggs. Another Easter Staple is of course the Cadbury Egg. This year, unwrap carefully before Easter and stick a real egg inside! You can keep the original egg ready in a Ziploc bag for after the prank, or treat yourself and get them another! 
  • Dye a Raw Egg. Be warned, this one is a messy one, and probably better for the older kids or an adult... but could certainly get some laughs! 
  • Super Glue Eggs. Now, if you're like me and like to reuse your eggs, this is probably not your best option, but again... certainly an experience to remember as they try to open eggs that have been super-glued close. 
  • Fake Money. Get some fake coins or bills to put in the eggs! 
  • Candy Poop. Take some long Tootsie Rolls and twist them into piles of 'poop'. If you have a kiddo who loves the poop emoji and/or is a 10 year old boy, this is certain to be a hit.
  • Off Season Candy. Have some bags of Halloween or Christmas Candy stashed in the closet? Fill the eggs with those off season (but still edible) candies for a fun twist! 
Egg Hunt Pranks

  • The Egg Hunt Fake Out. Tell the kiddos it's time to hunt the eggs--- before you hide the eggs! They won't know what to think when there are no eggs in sight! Give them a bit of time before sharing the joke, then actually hide and do a real hunt--- of course!
  • Ceiling Egg Hunt. Use reusable mounting putty to put the eggs on the ceiling! Sure, they might not be 'hidden', but the kids certainly won't expect to find them there! You can either use a latter or broomstick to get them down yourself, or let the kids use a soft ball or nerf gun to attempt to shoot them down. 
  • Snowy Egg Hunt. With the weird weather many have had lately, you *might* just have snow this year. Skip those brightly colored dyed eggs, and just hide plain white hard boiled eggs instead! They'll blend right in! 
Fun Easter Basket/Gift Ideas

  • April Fool's Themed Basket. Fill their basket with all the essential prank items--- a whoopie cushion, fake vomit, disappearing ink, you get the idea! For a kid who loves pranks, they'll get a kick out of all the toys... and it keeps it festive! Alternately you can go with joke books, or books like Captain Underpants or Fart Squad or even silly games like Don't Step In It or Pie Face.
  • Just the Essentials. Load their basket with socks and underwear... you know all kids' favorite gifts! Maybe even toss in a roll of toilet paper or two.You can either have the fun stuff hiding behind it, or stashed away for after the prank! 
  • Easter Basket Fake Outs. Take some boxes from 'boring stuff'--- think Magic Erasers, or bar soap, a cereal or cracker box etc. Fill with their actual fun gifts, and retape to make it look unopened. 
With any of these pranks it is of course important to remember your own child's temperament. Some kids will love the goofy pranks whereas others will not take it so gracefully. I suggest making sure to remind your kiddos the night before that it's also April Fool's so they can remember to expect some goofiness! We want it to be fun, not traumatizing!

Will you be doing some Easter themed pranks on/with your kids? What are some ideas you had, or your favorites from this list?


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