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Addicted to Your Phone? Tips to Break the Habit

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Smart phones have become somewhat of a social stigma, especially since there are people who find themselves face deep in their phone for the majority of their days. This is troublesome, to say the least. You have to get out there and live a little bit! Phones will always be useful for a variety of different reasons, but if you've been playing Candy Crush for 7 hours a day, there's probably a better way that you could go about spending your time. Some people like to play video games, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that; the thing is, you have to do these kinds of activities in moderation.

Being addicted to your phone is a problem, whether you're already aware of it or not. It may be because you play games on the Rivalo casino app, or it may be a simple Facebook notification binge. That's why we're going to talk about a few different things you can do to cut that addiction out of your life, or at least, make it so that you aren't spending as much time on your device. Phones will remain forever important in terms of communication, as well as being able to check in on work whenever you can – but there's a fine line between using it just enough, and being addicted.

You're Missing Out on the Real World!

The first tip would be to go through some sort of outside activity, as it not only gives you something to look forward to, but it also allows you to break out of the norm. While playing nettcasino from time to time can be fun, it’s important to experience the real world. When you're doing the same things over and over again on a daily basis, things can become a bit tedious. If you make your phone a part of that process, there's not much you can do – it's almost as if you're just going through the motions. The real world has a lot of amazing things to offer, and getting outdoors a bit more would do wonders for your phone addiction issues.

Turn It Off at Specific Times

When you really need to strap down and focus, it doesn't hurt to turn your phone off at specific times. This could mean turning your phone off when it's time for business, or even attempting to turn it off during top commute times. A lot of people commute to work and that means that they've got to keep themselves occupied on the train/bus, which is perfect for those that are addicted to their phones. However, just think about how people used to keep themselves occupied when it came to commuting before phones were prevalent.

Read More!

Reading will not only keep you occupied, but it will also allow you to brush up on your literacy skills. Reading is somewhat of a dying art, as people tend to use audio books these days – but there is absolutely nothing wrong with reading a good book while you're on the way to work (or whenever you would usually pull your phone out). Reading can also improve upon your brain function, where as being addicted to your phone has no real mental benefits.


  1. I definetly need to take this to heart! I never turn my phone off!

  2. Mobile addiction is the most dangerous addiction now a days. Teenagers are most likely to face this problem (Even me :)). I was so addicted to my mobile. I used to play online casino and gambling for hours and hours. Then I decided to switch it off for some times so that I do not use it more. Thanks for the advice though! casino


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