A Modern Day Fairy Tale: March 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

How To Use Those Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs: Delicious Ideas To Try

Food image created by Freepik

Easter is tomorrow, so for many of us that means our fridge is filled with hard boiled eggs in brightly colored dye. Dying Easter eggs is one of my favorite Easter traditions, but after the hunts are over... what do you do with those eggs?

Hard boiled eggs are good in the fridge for about a week after being boiled IF they remain in their shells. Removed from shells drops a few days off of their shelf life... so in an effort not to let those eggs go to waste, we need some fun and delicious ways to use them up! Today I'm sharing a few ideas:

  • Egg Salad. It's a classic--- and with good reason! It's delicious! This is a staple in my home for quick vegetarian (not vegan) lunches! The simplest egg salad is just a combination of chopped hard boiled eggs, mayo, dill relish, salt and pepper, but add in some onion and chopped celery for a heartier salad. You can also search the web for healthier options that ditch the mayo and replace with yogurt or avocado too. Yum. 
  • Deviled Eggs. I could eat deviled eggs every single day. They are another great favorite, and really go well with just about any meal-- sandwiches, ham, whatever. Whip some up and eat with your meals until they're gone. I love a classic deviled egg with mayo, a little mustard and relish, topped with paprika, but there are many other variations as well--- again with avocado... or mixing in bacon, topping with shimp, adding some spice... lots of great options to try out.
  • For Breakfast. A hard boiled egg is actually a really great source of protein and a great way to start the day... eat them as they are for a simple, healthy breakfast! 
  • In The Lunch Box. Whether it's in place of your meat, or as an additional side, pop them in yours or your child's lunchbox for an addition pack of protein! 
  • On Sandwiches. There are many different sandwich options you can add your sliced eggs onto--- keep it simple with some sliced eggs, tomato and spinach, or just give a you simple ham or chicken sandwich a little something extra! 
  • On A Salad. Again, being a great source of protein, eggs or the egg whites can be a great addition to top your salad... slice them, chop them, there's no right or wrong way to do it.
  • Amp Up Your Tuna Salad. Boiled eggs can take your tuna salad to a whole new level of deliciousness! Make it as you normally would- tuna, mayo, dill relish, chopped onions, chopped celery, salt and pepper, and toss in the chopped eggs too. Yum! Serve on a sandwich or for a low carb option, make stuffed tomatoes! Delish! 
  • Potato Salad. Who doesn't love a good potato salad!? Mix one up to use up these hard boiled eggs and you can serve as a side or pack in lunches all through the week! 

Which of these ideas are you looking forward to using? Do you have a go to hard boiled egg recipe you love? Share in the comments below.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Learning To Overcome {+ A Look at The Miracle Season In Theaters April 6}

**This is a post written by me on behalf of Grace Hill Media and The Miracle Season. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

What is it about a sports movie that always seems to draw us in?

I suppose for some it's the actual love of sports, but for me? Not so much. I couldn't tell you a touchdown from a home run, nor could I tell you what sport was in season or name one current sports star. Sports just aren't really my thing. But I do love a good sports movie.

There's just something about those stories of overcoming--- working through whatever obstacles are standing in the way and winning that big game/race/medal, whatever! The thing is, while we mostly see these themes in those good ol' sports films, these are lessons that we can apply to our lives anywhere.

I was recently asked to think about a time where I fought through obstacles and succeeded at a skill or activity at hand. As I thought about this I realized, there were many instances in my life where I had proven to myself that I could overcome. It might not have been in the grand stories from these movies, but in the little moments. Fighting through migraine inducing anxiety to get through school, even when it meant working harder to finish early. Fighting through stage fright (and again severe anxiety) to perform in choir and at my church. Even fighting through anxiety to do the best for my son when he needed it most. Those tasks weren't easy. It took time, it took work, and more than anything it took a passion and desire to overcome. 

When I thought about those moments, I realized that I too truly was an overcomer, and that was a reminder I needed in this moment. This moment where I am dealing with chronic pain every day. This moment when my mental health and physical health are fighting against each other and wearing me down. This moment when my autistic son is struggling more than he ever has and I so often feel at a loss as to what to do next. But I think about these moments and I realize, I've got this. It's not going to be easy, but we truly can do absolutely anything with enough hard work and time, and the passion and desire to do so. We simply cannot give up.

And you know, that truly is the appeal of these inspirational sports stories... whether we play sports, whether it's another activity we strive to be great at, or whether it's just getting through the every day struggles that life sends our way, we all need those reminders that anything is possible and that we are ALL fighters.

Today, I'm excited to share a new inspirational sports film to remind us all of those oh-so-important messages, The Miracle Season:

Synopsis: Based on the inspiring true story of West High School girls' volleyball team.  After the tragic death of the school's star player Caroline "Line" Found, the remaining team players must band together under the guidance of their tough-love coach in hope of winning the state championship.

Director: Sean McNamara
Writers: David Aaron Cohen, Elissa Matsueda
Producers: Mickey Liddell, Pete Shilaimon, Mark Ciardi, Scott Holroyd
Genre: Drama
Cast: Helen Hunt, William Hurt, Danika Yarosh, Erin Moriarty
Production Company: LD Entertainment
Distributor: LD Entertainment / Mirror

This sounds like a fantastic movie, and one that I certainly cannot wait to see soon... with tissues handy as it's sure to be a tearjerker (the best ones always are). Thankfully, the wait is almost over!
We can see The Miracle Season i
n Theaters: April 6th.

Do you love a good sports movie? How do they inspire you? What are some real life instances in which you overcame obstacles and came out on the other side? How have you fought and won for the activities or the moments that meant the most to you? 

Treat Yourself This Easter with Bette's Box of Blessings {+ A Look Inside the March Box}

**Box received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Easter is almost here, which has many of us thinking about those Easter baskets, right?

I always loved Easter baskets--- opening them to discover what fun surprises were inside! What's not to love!? Wouldn't it be great if we- as adults- could get that same Easter basket feeling now too? Well, who says we can't!? Sure, we may be the moms now, but everyone loves a good surprise now and again... and with subscription boxes, that's just what we get!

Last month, I introduced you to a fantastic new subscription box for Christians, Bette's Box of Blessings (see review). Now it's time again to take a look inside their most recent March box:

The theme for this Box of Blessings – Miracles & God’s Glory – is captured in one verse, Psalm 96:3: “Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous work among all the peoples.” God is always working in our lives. Sometimes we see it in “big” miracles…many times we see it in “small” miracles. Whether it’s a “big” miracle or a “small” miracle, when we share what God has done in our lives it reveals His glory. Our God has always been and always will be the God of miracles. This box includes: From Depths We Rise by Sarah Rodriguez, Amazing Modern Day Miracles by Suzanne Frey, Songs of Heaven and Earth by Corey Voss, an Extraordinary Things Pouch by Dayspring and a 10 pack of Spring Greeting Cards. This box has a retail value of $86.17!! What a blessing!

  • "From Depths We Rise". I love a good story of overcoming obstacles. No, I NEED a good story like this every once in awhile--- a reminder that no matter what we go through, God is there and will be there through it all. 
  • "Amazing Modern Day Miracles". Another great read in this month's box. We so often think about the miracles in the Bible, but this book will remind us that miracles can and do still happen even today! 
  • Spring Greeting Cards Pack. I love that this box is not just a blessing to the person who subscribes, but allows them to bless others as well. These cards are a great way to do that! They allow us to share God's word and put a smile on someone's face! 
  • Songs of Heaven and Earth by Corey Voss. More great music to experience and for me, one that I was not familiar with before! It's always great to try out a new artist that I might not have before! But aside that the songs fit perfectly into the them of this box. 
  • Extraordinary Things Pouch. This is perhaps my favorite item in this month's box--- perfect for makeup, keeping your purse organized, coupons--- you name it! 
All in all, this box serves as a great reminder that God is always working. Sometimes its in the big things, sometimes in the little things--- but He's always there working things according to His plans. I think we all need that reminder every now and again, don't we? It's easy enough to see that God is working when something big happens, or when all of our prayers are seemingly answered in a timely manner. But when things take awhile, or when it seems like things just aren't going planned? That can be a little more challenging. These products remind us to truly stop and take a moment to remember what God has done in our lives- big or small- it's all Him. And God's work in our lives? Well, that's something that is certainly worth celebrating throughout the Easter season and beyond.

Want to see more great boxes from Bette's Box of Blessings and get YOUR subscription started? You can learn more and get started here.And don't forget  to use the code FAIRYTALE to take $5 off your first box! Head on over to take advantage of this amazing deal.
How has God been working in YOUR life lately? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below? How could Bette's Box of Blessings help you to grow your faith or bring blessings to others every month?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Enjoy Spring with These Playground Safety Tips

Background image created by Pressfoto - Freepik.com

With the warmer weather slowly making its arrival, it's the time of year that we think about heading to our local parks and playgrounds to spend the days at play! What kid doesn't like some playground fun, am I right? It can be a great way to get out of the house and generally doesn't cost any money at all--- a win/win!

But of course, we want our children to be safe wherever we go! Today, I'm sharing some tips to keep in mind to keep your children as safe as possible when you head to the park:

  • Check Hot Surfaces. In the bright sun, a lot of playground equipment can get very hot, very fast... so on those especially hot or sunshine-y days, be sure to check out the temps to make sure it's safe to play. Look for more shaded areas that tend to stay cooler! 
  • Unsafe Equipment. While most popular parks are pretty good at making sure the equipment is safe, it's never a bad idea to give it a quick once over, especially if it's an older park--- any nails sticking out, splintering wood, wobbling equipment, etc are best to steer away from. Also check the area for things like broken glass. 
  • Dress for Play. Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in (and okay to get dirty) are a must, but shoes are likely most important. My daughter's favorite shoes have a slight heel on them--- great for church, but not great for play. Instead go for comfortable shoes like tennis shoes, sneakers, etc. Sandals with a back strap can be okay, but keep in mind the specific playground too. Avoid flip flops as well as they can fly off much too easily! 
  • Wear Sunscreen. We might not think about it too much until summer, but sun safety is always important! If you're going to be outside, it's best to put on that sunscreen! Hats can be a great way to shield faces too! 
  • Stay Hydrated. We all know kids don't like to stop playing for... well anything... but staying well hydrated is crucial for safe playground time! Bring along a bottle of water, or Gatorade and make sure they're taking the necessary breaks--- especially on hot days! 
  • Know Their Limits. Kids love to explore and push the limits, and it can be great to allow them to do so to some degree... but sometimes we do have to lay some ground rules--- especially when we have little miniature daredevils who love to do all the things that they see the big kids doing! 
  • Unplug. Checking here and there is fine, of course! We all need that little break every now and again. But don't be so caught up in it that you lose track of what's going on around you! Be aware of other kids on the playground, adults who don't seem to be accompanying children, etc. 
  • Teach Proper Playground Manners. Manners are always important, but on the playground, it can be a matter of safety as well. Remind kids to check that slides are clear before going down, not to run in front of swings, no pushing through on stairs, etc. 
The park and playground is a great way to get outside, and with these simple ideas to keep in mind, you can do so more safely. Of course accidents can and do happen, but at least by practicing good playground safety we can avoid some of those!

What playground safety tips do you have? How do you teach your kids to have fun, but be safe while at the park? 

Last Minute Easter Gifts for Girls with SmitCo LLC on Amazon {+ A Coupon Code}

**Product received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Easter is just days away, are you ready?

If you've planned ahead, you likely already have baskets put together, menus planned out and the kids' Sunday best laid out and ready to go.

And then there's the rest of us... wondering how on earth it's already almost April and wondering where the last few months have gone to. Now you're left scratching your head wondering how on earth you're going to fill those baskets with days to go and no time to shop.

Thank God for Amazon Prime, am I right!?

But... where do you find the perfect gifts for the kids on your list? For little girls and tweens, SmitCo has you covered:

Quality, affordable gifts for girls ages 2 to 12. SmitCo LLC has several different diaries with lock and keys and diary sets for girls in Emoji and Diva themes, as well as light up diaries to provide hours of fun. SmitCo products also include very popular stretch jewelry sets for little girls - all packed in cute gift boxes. 

Perhaps one of my personal favorites is the Mermaid Scrapbooking Kit! This set includes the following: 9" x 7" 60 Page scented secret scrapbook with passcode lock, 1 sheet 3D stickers, 2 sheets of scented stickers, 24 pieces of self adhesive jewels,1 feather pen,1 roll of craft tape and 1 pencil pouch.

My daughter loves anything girly, and mermaids certainly make that list. But she's also a huge Trolls fan. If you've watched Trolls, you know that Poppy (the lead character) LOVES her scrapbooks. My crafty daughter has picked up on that, so she is always drawing pictures in her notebooks and calling them her scrapbook. A true scrapbook just for her with not just space for her pictures, but all the necessary embellishments to create fun pages and keep her entertained for hours!? What's not to love about that!? There's even one with horses if mermaids aren't your girl's thing!

But this is also just one of the many great gift ideas from Smitco. They truly do have a fun variety that are not only affordable, but fun too! From nail polishes to secret journals... they've got you covered!  Find all the great products here: https://amzn.to/2GfbUQm

With Prime 2 Day Shipping, you still have time to get these great gifts in before Easter too! And right now you can save! Get 20% Off Entire Cart Of Gifts! Go to: https://amzn.to/2GfbUQm and use coupon code N3CQD6AE on checkout

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Easter + April Fool's Day!? {Easter Themed Prank Ideas To Try}

I love Easter! It's such an amazing day to spend time with the family- celebrating Christ's resurrection and of course celebrating with sweet treats. But, as you likely have caught on to, this year there is a little something special about Easter...

It falls on April Fool's Day!

Pattern image created by Freepik

This rare occurrence doesn't happen often. In fact, the last time was Easter 1956! So, while we certainly don't want to take away the importance of the Easter holiday, it does give us a chance to have some extra fun with the kiddos with some Easter themed pranks, doesn't it!? Today, I'm sharing just a few:

Funny Egg Fillers
  • Easter Egg Glitter Bombs. Fill those Easter eggs with glitter or confetti. When they open them up, glitter everywhere!
  • Mix in Bean-Boozled Jelly Beans. We all know that one of the most popular and traditional Easter candies out there are jelly beans, and thanks to Jelly Belly we have a great, festive prank already ready for us. Bean-Boozled has a mix of actual Jelly Belly flavors with a variety of gross flavors too. They might get a lime... they might get a booger! You just never know. (Alternately, just offering the game in their baskets is still a fun option without the major 'yuck' surprise!)
  • Opt for Healthy Egg Fillers. Skip the candy and instead fill with carrots sticks, grapes, pieces of broccoli, etc. Kids will open expecting to find sweet treats and instead find fruits and veggies. Don't worry, you can still have candy on standby! 
  • Faux Cadbury Eggs. Another Easter Staple is of course the Cadbury Egg. This year, unwrap carefully before Easter and stick a real egg inside! You can keep the original egg ready in a Ziploc bag for after the prank, or treat yourself and get them another! 
  • Dye a Raw Egg. Be warned, this one is a messy one, and probably better for the older kids or an adult... but could certainly get some laughs! 
  • Super Glue Eggs. Now, if you're like me and like to reuse your eggs, this is probably not your best option, but again... certainly an experience to remember as they try to open eggs that have been super-glued close. 
  • Fake Money. Get some fake coins or bills to put in the eggs! 
  • Candy Poop. Take some long Tootsie Rolls and twist them into piles of 'poop'. If you have a kiddo who loves the poop emoji and/or is a 10 year old boy, this is certain to be a hit.
  • Off Season Candy. Have some bags of Halloween or Christmas Candy stashed in the closet? Fill the eggs with those off season (but still edible) candies for a fun twist! 
Egg Hunt Pranks

  • The Egg Hunt Fake Out. Tell the kiddos it's time to hunt the eggs--- before you hide the eggs! They won't know what to think when there are no eggs in sight! Give them a bit of time before sharing the joke, then actually hide and do a real hunt--- of course!
  • Ceiling Egg Hunt. Use reusable mounting putty to put the eggs on the ceiling! Sure, they might not be 'hidden', but the kids certainly won't expect to find them there! You can either use a latter or broomstick to get them down yourself, or let the kids use a soft ball or nerf gun to attempt to shoot them down. 
  • Snowy Egg Hunt. With the weird weather many have had lately, you *might* just have snow this year. Skip those brightly colored dyed eggs, and just hide plain white hard boiled eggs instead! They'll blend right in! 
Fun Easter Basket/Gift Ideas

  • April Fool's Themed Basket. Fill their basket with all the essential prank items--- a whoopie cushion, fake vomit, disappearing ink, you get the idea! For a kid who loves pranks, they'll get a kick out of all the toys... and it keeps it festive! Alternately you can go with joke books, or books like Captain Underpants or Fart Squad or even silly games like Don't Step In It or Pie Face.
  • Just the Essentials. Load their basket with socks and underwear... you know all kids' favorite gifts! Maybe even toss in a roll of toilet paper or two.You can either have the fun stuff hiding behind it, or stashed away for after the prank! 
  • Easter Basket Fake Outs. Take some boxes from 'boring stuff'--- think Magic Erasers, or bar soap, a cereal or cracker box etc. Fill with their actual fun gifts, and retape to make it look unopened. 
With any of these pranks it is of course important to remember your own child's temperament. Some kids will love the goofy pranks whereas others will not take it so gracefully. I suggest making sure to remind your kiddos the night before that it's also April Fool's so they can remember to expect some goofiness! We want it to be fun, not traumatizing!

Will you be doing some Easter themed pranks on/with your kids? What are some ideas you had, or your favorites from this list?

Freebie Alert! Get a FREE Oreo Candy Bar in the One Million Sample Giveaway #OREOChocolate

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Your Children Might Not Be Listening to You Because They're Actually Hard of Hearing

Parents have been telling their children to turn down their music for years in an effort to protect their hearing. As it turns out, they might have been on to something. What many rebellious youngsters thought to be intolerance was actually paternal intuition: sounds over 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss.

According to philly.com, some "audiologists have expressed concerns that repeated misuse of personal tech at loud volumes could damage children's hearing." These concerns have been present and voiced for quite some time by ASHA particularly, who began "sounding the alarm 10 years ago about noise-induced hearing loss...[caused by] headphones at too-loud volumes..."
Hearing loss at any age can be a traumatic ordeal, requiring life changes for both the afflicted and their family. There are many early warning signs of hearing problems to look for in your child including:
  • Pulling or scratching at his or her ears;
  • Socially isolated/unhappy in school;
  • Lack of attention and response to sounds;
  • Difficulty in reading and math studies

Consider putting a volume control on the television and other devices, as well as investing in earplugs for high-volume events. Very loud noises can be detrimental to a child's hearing and precautions should be taken whenever possible.

Overexposure to technology such as tablets and smartphones can also attribute to other defects and developmental issues in children as well, according to ASHA experts. Social communication can become inherently difficult as a screen substitutes human interaction. Children and parents alike should be aware of the potential adverse effects of prolonged device usage.

That isn't to say that technology isn't beneficial. The associate director of school services from ASHA notes the fine line of technology use:

"Technology can open the door to many educational opportunities if parents are sharing the experience with their children and guiding them along the way. Parents also need to model tech habits for their children such as taking breaks and leaving the phone in a separate room to avoid jumping at every notification."

However, with the ubiquity of personal devices in everyday life, it can be hard to limit that usage by younger teens and children. Many adults are as reliant on their cellphones and tablets as their kids, and regulating how much time is spent on devices can become difficult. It's important to notice what is too much use and how to remove the technology from the situation.

Enter To Win a JambuKD Anthozoa Kid's Shoe Giveaway!!!

Your little one will Spring into action with Anthozoa. Its sleek design blends sneaker durability and protection with sandal breathability. Fast-drying Water Ready materials and cut outs turn puddles into playtime, while its closed-toe construction keeps feet safer for rough-and-tumble play. Removable, machine washable insoles make it easy to keep these sneakers fresh.
    • Girls' and boys' closed-toe hybrid knitted sneaker with cut-outs
    • All Terra Traction for superior grip and flexibility
    • Adjustable bungee lacing with toggle
    • Fast-drying, breathable Water Ready construction
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Comes in sizes kids 9-5 and in 4 fantastic colors! Conservamom's little guy had a chance to put these shoes to the test. Find out what they thought about them. You can purchase them online here or you can locate a store that sells JambuKD here. Now for the best part! One lucky winner will have the chance to win a pair of Anthozoa shoes in their choice of in-stock color & size. To enter head below for your chance to win. Giveaway is open to US only and ends on 4/9 at 11:59pm ET. Must be 18+ to enter. Good luck!  

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So Much To Celebrate: A Book Review

**Book received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own.

I love finding a good reason to celebrate--- don't you?

Easter, Christmas, birthdays, 4th of July--- it's fun to have an excuse to go above and beyond and just enjoy life and enjoy being in the kitchen! And while I am not personally big on throwing big events for EVERY occasion, I do so love seeing how others choose to do so!

Today, I am excited to share a new book that will help you to take all your celebrations throughout the year to the next level with decorating inspiration and LOTS of amazing recipes to choose from:

Celebrations that show your love

Create beautiful memories for your family and friends by stopping to celebrate life’s joyful moments. In this essential guide to entertaining, Katie Jacobs reveals her secrets for throwing fantastic parties for any occasion, from a casual backyard movie night to a lavish holiday party. Using Katie’s inspiring ideas and make-ahead tips, you will be so organized that you can minimize the fuss, enjoy the time, and celebrate too!

Brimming with creative party themes for every season, inspiring d├ęcor ideas, and delicious recipes, So Much to Celebrate is the perfect book for anyone who appreciates good times, good food, and good celebrations.

Katie Jacobsis a stylist for Reese Witherspoon’s lifestyle brand Draper James, Pottery Barn, and Beaufort Bonnet Company, among others. A fourth-generation Nashvillian, she’s been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living Weddings, Nashville Lifestyles as well as on Inspired By This, Fashionable Hostess, and The Scout Guide. Katie is also a photographer, graphic designer, and foodie. Learn more on Katie’s food and lifestyle blog, StylingMyEveryday.com.

I absolutely loved this book! First and foremost, it's absolutely beautiful. From stunning tablescapes and party detail shots to full page food photography, I find myself wanting to look through these pages again and again.

Now, I must be honest, when I chose this book, I went back and forth on it because I thought it was going to be more about party planning, with just a few recipes mixed in. Don't get me wrong, there would have been nothing wrong with that had it been the case--- but for me, I just wasn't sure how much I would get from that. To be honest, I don't throw parties much--- maybe once or twice a year. Instead I prefer smaller celebrations with my family with festive foods. When I opened it up, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it really is more of a cookbook, but with party planning tips, tricks and ideas mixed in! And one thing I do love is a fun cookbook!

The book is broken down into the four seasons, and then those seasons are broken down further into parties and celebrations you might have during those particular seasons. Each event starts with a breakdown on what it is, decorating ideas to get the look, the menu and tips to enjoy the party--- something I know is particularly useful for me as I tend to stress about parties! These take up about 2-3 pages with stunning photos to set the scene, and then moves onto some recipe ideas that are perfect for that specific event. Each season then also offers a menu for the season with even MORE great seasonal recipes. These are not specific to any event or celebration, but instead are more general to the season at hand. They are delicious, simple to follow and I personally loved the intros given to each recipe too! So fun!

Whether you plan parties all the time, or like me do so rarely but love keeping those small celebrations fun and festive with seasonal decor and meals, this is a book for EVERYONE! I love it and cannot wait to try even more recipes as the year goes by!

So Much to Celebrate is available to purchase now at your favorite book retailers!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Learn Colors, Numbers AND The Bible {A Museum of the Bible Kids Book Giveaway}

*** I received these books from WorthyKids/Ideals for free in exchange for an honest review. 

Being a mom to a toddler/preschooler, I am always looking for fun ways to teach my daughter the basics--- colors, numbers, letters... those basic skills that will help prepare her for the time when she starts school. Being a Christian mom, I am also always looking for fun and simple ways to introduce a foundation for reading the Bible.

Today, I'm excited to introduce two fun new books from the Museum of the Bible collection that do just that:

About the books

  • Colors in the Bible: “Take a colorful tour of favorite Bible stories! Little ones will learn their colors as they discover green trees in the Garden of Eden, orange lions in the den, and the red flames of the burning bush. Created with fresh, modern illustrations, this colors primer will captivate curious toddlers.” (board book; ages 2 to 4)
  • Numbers in the Bible: “Take a number-filled tour of favorite Bible stories! Little ones will learn their numbers as they discover one big ark, five smooth stones, and seven priests carrying seven trumpets. Created with fresh, modern illustrations, this numbers primer will captivate curious toddlers.” (board book; ages 2 to 4)

First up, let's talk about the Colors in the Bible. With each turn of the page, we see a familar Bible story--- Adam & Eve, the lion's den, Noah's Ark, etc. These may be stories that you child is already familiar with or they may be new, but this book doesn't go into the actual stories but rather just gives you those iconics scenes and characters from each story and focuses on the colors. What a fun way to learn the colors though, right? For my daughter, she already knows all of her colors so she's not learning much in that aspect, but it's a very short and simple book--- perfect for her to follow along with and eventually read on her own when the time comes. Either way, she absolutely loves it- the colors, the artwork, the simplicity, such a cute little story!

Next up was the Numbers in the Bible. Much like the colors book, this featured a simple story and introduced several popular Bible stories, but focused on the numbers throughout those stories rather than the details. My daughter is actively learning to recognize her numbers, so this was really great practice for her. She could tell me what number was on the page (which made her feel quite grown up!) and count the pictures to confirm too. This was perhaps her favorite of the two and she loves reading it again and again.

At 4.5 years old, my daughter is at the higher end of the age range for these, so I could see that for her personally parts were a little TOO simple, but she loved them nonetheless. For a younger toddler, these would be even better! They can get the foundations of the Bible AND learn these oh-so-important skills too. How fun is that!

From the perfect baby shower or first birthday gift to the perfect Easter basket addition for babies and toddlers, these books truly are an ideal option. They are available to purchase now at your favorite Christian book retailers.

And one lucky reader is going to win a set of BOTH books! Enter using the giveaway form below:

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Think Outside the Typical Basket with These Easter Gift Ideas

Pattern image created by Jannoon028 - Freepik.com
I love Easter Baskets!

While we do not do the Easter Bunny in our home, I still love putting together fun baskets for my children each year. Some years we stick with more traditional baskets--- a little plush, something faith based and a chocolate bunny--- you really can't go wrong with the classic! But some years I like to mix it up with themed baskets or alternative Easter gifts! Still not sure what to get your little ones this year? Want to think outside the every day Easter basket fillers? Today, I'm sharing a few ideas to get you started:

  • Garden Basket. Fill a basket (or garden tote) full of kid sized gardening equipment, seeds, etc. This is a great way to welcome spring and encourage kids to be outside!
  • Pool Time Basket. Skip your actual basket and instead get a head start on warmer weather with a pool themed gift. For little ones, use a small kiddie pool and fill with new swimsuits, pool toys, etc. They will LOVE it! 
  • Movie Night Basket. Swap out the basket for a popcorn bucket and add in some movie tickets or DVDs, microwave popcorn bags, theater candy, etc. Perfect for an at home movie night, and a great basket idea for ALL ages.
  • Makeover Basket. Have a little girl or tween who loves makeup? Get her her very own caboodles style case and fill with nail polishes, age appropriate makeup and even hair accessories. 
  • The Book Lovers Basket. If you have a kid who loves book, encourage that! Pick up a few books from their want list, maybe a booklight, bookmarks, etc.
  • The Gamers Basket. For the kid or teen who loves games, this can be a great option, get them a game or two and other gaming essentials like headphones or collectibles from their favorite games.
  • The Outdoor Fun Basket. One of my favorite Easter basket themes is to fill them with new outdoor toys and games--- a basketball, frisbies, sidewalk chalk, jacks, sunglasses, bubbles... the options are limitless! The perfect way to welcome spring. 
  • Crafting Basket. Crayons, paints, construction paper, you name it... this is the perfect basket idea for anyone who loves crafting! This is a basket that can be altered to fit the age group you need too... coloring books and crayons are ideal for little kids or consider Bible journaling supplies for a teen! 
  • Subscription Box. Not that creative? Find a subscription box that matches your child's interest and purchase a month's box... all the work is done for you. You can even keep it going past Easter too! 

These are just a few great ideas to get you started, but the possibilities can be endless! Think past the candy and make Easter a truly fun and unique experience for every child!

Do you enjoy doing themed or outside of the box baskets? What are some of your favorite ideas?

Kids Powpro Digital Video Camera Giveaway!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Smile. Sparkle. Shine with Jamberry Nails {A Giveaway Hop Event}

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I have a love/hate relationship with my fingernails.

I love a pretty painted nail. When I was younger, I had nail polishes in every color and was always mixing it up and having fun with my nails.

And then came kids.

These days, I still love a pretty nail color or design, but the actual taking the time to do it... well, who has THAT!? And with all the housework and kid stuff, they last only a day before it's time to repaint. Like I said... who has the time!? 

Photo Credit: Jamberry Facebook
But thankfully with Jamberry, when I'm in the mood for something new, I can get a gorgeous design that takes less time and lasts longer too! Perfect for the busy mom who still wants to look her best, don't you think?

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NECTAR Mattress Giveaway! 2 Winners ~ Winners Choose Their Size Of Choice! TRV Up To $1800! @nectarsleep #MyNECTARMattress

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Decluttering At the Speed of Life: A Book Review

**Book received for consideration. Post contain affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 
When my husband and I were first married, we had absolutely nothing.

No, no, I don't mean money wise (though there was that too), but today, I'm just talking about things. He'd been living in the barracks and I'd moved from my parent's home in Indiana to California with whatever fit in my suitcases. We had our respective clothes, but aside from that... absolutely NOTHING.

The day we signed the lease on our first home, we had to go to the store to buy just the essentials that we could on our limited budget. A couch, a loveseat, a TV and a mattress and box spring--- just on a frame, no headboard or anything. We were given a few pots and pans, a few plates, etc to get us started... but the reality was for that first year or so, our home was pretty empty. Just the bare essentials--- sometimes not even that. It was awful.

But if I were to be 100% honest, sometimes I wish we could go back to that. Because after 11 years of marriage and two kids, we have been overrun. Not by the kids... but by the stuff! After a few years of marriage, we'd finally gotten to a position to where we could actually shop a little more. I could buy all the kitchen essentials and non essentials my heart desired, Christmas and birthdays brought on piles of toys, and even blogging started to bring in more and more items to review. It was still manageable as a family of three, but once we added our second child into the mix. Forget it! Suddenly I find myself longing for the days where we had no clutter, nothing to organize, nothing to put away. Let's be honest, clutter has a way of weighing us down... and it can very quickly take control of our lives if we let it.

But aside from burning it down and starting all over... how do we even begin to get it all together? How do we tackle the clutter that threatens to drive us absolutely crazy?

Today, I'm sharing a book that just might help, Decluttering at the Speed of Life:

You don't have to live overwhelmed by stuff--you can get rid of clutter for good!
While the world seems to be in love with the idea of tiny houses and minimalism, many of us simply can't purge it all and start from nothing. Yet a home with too much stuff is a home that is difficult to maintain, so where do we begin? Add in paralyzing emotional attachments and constant life challenges, and it can feel almost impossible to make real decluttering progress.
In Decluttering at the Speed of Life, decluttering expert and author Dana White identifies the mind-sets and emotional challenges that make it difficult to declutter. Then, in her signature humorous approach, she provides workable solutions to break through these struggles and get clutter out--for good!
But more than simply offering strategies, Dana dives deep into how to implement them, no matter the reader's clutter level or emotional resistance to decluttering. She helps identify procrasticlutter--the stuff that will get done eventually so it doesn't seem urgent--as well as how to make progress when there's no time to declutter.
Sections of the book include

  • Why You Need This Book (You Know Why)
  • Your Unique Home
  • Decluttering in the Midst of Real Life
  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Home
  • Breaking Through Your Decluttering Delusions
  • Working It Out Room by Room
  • Helping Others Declutter
  • Real Life Goes On (and On)
As long as we're living and breathing, new clutter will appear. The good news is that decluttering can get easier, become more natural, and require significantly fewer hours, less emotional bandwidth, and little to no sweat to keep going.

If you, like me, are in a seemingly never ending battle with clutter, this book is a MUST read! When I chose the word Renew for my word of the year this year, one of the big goals on my mind was to get rid of some of the excess stuff. You see, a few years ago, we moved into our current home into a smaller home. Until that point, I had always been really great about doing a massive purge before every move, but this one came on us very quickly with no time to prepare so rather than doing the sort beforehand, it all came with us, and I just had to find places to stuff it. And stuff it I have! I always thought I would get to it eventually, and I have for many things--- clothes, and outgrown toys, etc--- but here we are two years later and more has come in than gone out.

I needed this book! 

This truly is a great read, It's practical, it's fun... it has me inspired to just get it done. And not only that, but to keep it done! Some of these were tips I already knew, and some were new to me, but all made perfect sense! It truly helped to break it down to make tackling the job a little less overwhelming. This is one book that I am certain to come back to time and time again throughout the years, whenever I need that extra motivation again.

Do you need to declutter? Need help knowing where to start? Decluttering at the Speed of Life is available to purchase now:

Monday, March 19, 2018

Win Easter With These Easter Egg Decorating Hacks

Easter time is almost here!

If you're like me, when you think back to those Easter childhood memories, the eggs are at the forefront! Finding them, opening them... and of course, dying them! Oh what wonderful memories of the vinegar smells and the stained hands that lasted for days on end. I loved it!

As a mom, I still love doing it with my kids, but I also want to be smart about it--- limiting the messes to a manageable level, making it easier for little hands, etc. Feel the same? Today I'm sharing a few Easter egg dying tips that might just help make your Easter a little more stress free!

Pattern image created by Freepik

Preparing to Decorate

  • Do it outside! We all know egg dying can be messy, so if at all possible- head outside to do it! You'll have less mess to clean up and you'll get some sunshine too!
  • Use a disposable table cloth. If you can't head outside, prepare your space to avoid stains and make clean up easier with a disposable plastic table cloth. You can usually find these at your local Dollar Tree so it's very inexpensive and a great way to save your table (or floor) from spilled/dripped dyes.
  • Use a muffin tin. Don't want to clean a million dishes? Muffin tins can be a great way to dye your eggs-- one color in each opening! One dish to clean! 
  • Add baking soda. Want to make your eggs easier to peel? Adding baking soda to your water when boiling is said to make the peeling easier--- a tip to keep in mind for deviled eggs as well!
  • Use a Whisk. When it comes to actually dying your eggs--- getting the eggs into and out of the water can be quite the challenge. Most dye kits come with a little wire tool that is intended to hold the egg, but I find they don't always work the best... instead, pop those eggs inside a whisk for easy holding and more control. Much better for those littlest of hands too!

Dying/Decorating Methods.
  • Skip the box. Create an easy DIY dye with 1 cup water, 1 tsp vinegar and food coloring. Add more coloring to get the bright, bold colors you desire, or less for a more subtle look. By creating your own you can truly customize to get the colors you want.
  • Use Kool-Aid. Mix 1 cup of water with 1 package of Kool-Aid to create a fun DIY dye that smells MUCH better than your typical vinegar mix.
  • White Crayon Designs. Before dying, draw a fun design in white crayon! Once you dye, the design will shine through.
  • Rubber Band Designs. Wrap a rubber band around your egg to create fun designs, after they are dyed, remove and you'll see a fun striped design left behind.
  • Rice Dye. This is a fun method that skips the liquid dyes altogether! Mix dry rice with food coloring. Add your egg and give it a shake! It gives a beautiful color with a fun speckled look. 
  • Shaving/Whipped Cream. Mix food coloring with either shaving cream or whipped cream, roll your egg, let sit and wipe off for a fun marbled look. 
  • Draw Sharpie Designs. Sharpies are great for everything, right? Decorating Easter eggs is no exception. Skip traditional dyes (or add to them) with beautifully drawn Sharpie designs!
  • Use Temporary Tattoos. Not much of an artist, but want to add some beautiful art to your eggs? Pick up some temporary tattoos and add to your eggs instead. These go on just as they would the skin, press, apply water and remove backing... super easy! 
  • Create an Ombre Effect. Start by placing your egg in just a small amount of dye---enough to cover just a portion. Let sit a few minutes, add a bit of water to the mix, repeat until the egg is complete covered. The bottom part of your egg will be darker, and gradually lighten at the top as water is added!