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Shop at Target and Save with These Tips & Tricks!

I love Target!

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Seriously, what's not to love, am I right? They always have the best selection of just about everything... you could walk around for hours and still not quite see it all. Just me?

One of the things I love most about Target are the deals! Today, I'm sharing how to find the best deals to help you save at Target!

  • Check the Dollar Spot. Every time I go to Target, this is always my first stop- so many great items for just a dollar, or $3-5... either way, super affordable. From small gifts, seasonal items, office supplies and more, you can find a lot here. Just be careful not to overdo it! 
  • Download the Cartwheel App. Cartwheel is Target's digital coupon app, and they offer a wide variety of coupons on just about everything. Browse before you go and/or check while in store. You can search for items you need or even scan to see if there are any applicable deals.
  • Text for Deals. Occasionally as you shop you will see signs that give you the option to text a number for an extra savings offer. Watch out for and utilize these when you can. 
  • Stack Coupons. One of my favorite things about Target is that they offer a wide variety of store coupons--- both digital and physical. You can use one manufacture's coupon and one store coupon per item so you can double the savings if you stack them right! 
  • Look for Gift Card Deals. Target is also really great about offering gift card deals--- buy $x in this product/category, get a $x gift card... you get the idea. While you might have to buy a little more up front, these deals can really offer a great savings long term. 
  • Sign Up for a REDCard. REDCard users get 5% off their purchases, free shipping on most online items, and longer to return items. 5% might not sound like much, but if you shop at Target frequently, it can certainly add up. Now, I'm not one to normally suggest a credit card to save money, BUT they also have a debit card option which gives you all the perks, but pulls the money straight from your bank account instead.
  • Check End Aisles for Clearance. Target clearance can be pretty amazing! But where do you find them? SOME items might be found within the area of the store they would have been anyway (toys, clothes, etc), so look out for the clearance stickers. Still, most are found at the ends of each aisle, so I always like to shop these outside aisles to find hidden treasures! 
  • Open a Registry. Shopping for household or baby needs? Start a registry, even if only for personal use! First and foremost, they offer samples and coupons to help you save on registry essentials just for signing up. If you watch for them, you might even find coupons for gift cards just for creating! But aside from that, after the event date has passed, you can purchase anything remaining for 15% off! 

Are you a Target shopper? What money saving tips and tricks have you found? 


  1. I took your idea for opening up a registry because we have decided to use our bonus for refurbishing the house in about a month.


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