Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Get Engaged For Less with These Tips { + A Deal from JewelsOnFire} #ad

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JewelOnFire. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Did you know that Valentine's Day is the second most popular day for marriage proposals in the year- second only to Christmas? I suppose this comes as no shock to most of us. After all, this is a day that is all about love and romance, and what could be more romantic than an elaborate engagement.

But here's another stat that might shock you. Did you know that (per The Knot) the average cost for an engagement ring is over $6000!? Crazy, right? Personally, I don't know many people that have that kind of money laying around. Still, we as women love showing those rings off, don't we? So how can we find a gorgeous ring we love, while still keeping within our budgets? Today, I'm sharing a few tips:

  • Keep It Simple. Who says its all about the ring? Yes, the ring is nice, but truly it is all about the marriage, so if all you can do is simple, go simple.
  • Know Your Limit. Figure out how much you can truly afford to pay--- be it up front or via monthly payments. If you know your absolute max, it's much easier to stand your ground once you start looking. 
  • Go with Cubic Zirconia. Okay, okay, I might take some heat for this one, but if you want the bling but don't have the budget, this can be a great solution. You'll be able to get the gorgeous ring you want for a fraction of the cost. But guys, make sure to be upfront about this. Don't try to pass it off for something it isn't. That will get you into trouble for dishonesty. But if you're up front about it, see the first tip. At the end of the day it IS the marriage that matters. You can always replace with the real deal when you're better able to do so.

  • Go With Something Less Traditional. Not a diamond person? You might consider going with a different gemstone. Not only will it be unique to you, but it could be cheaper too!
  • Shop for Discount Jewelry. Oh sure, that blue box might look nice, BUT it's gonna cost you! Instead, shop discount jewelry retailers for great high quality pieces at a fraction of that cost.

For that, JewelOnFire has you covered! Cut out the middle man. Buy directly from jewelry craftsmen and manufacturers, from the comfort of home with up to 90% off retail pricing. So much of that added cost is from the markup for retail--- hey they have to make their money too, right? But by going straight to the manufacturers, you can avoid that added markup. Sounds pretty great right? I know you might be a little skeptical--- so many sale sites might claim up to __%, but the reality is most things are 10%, with just 1-2 at those deeper discounts. Not JewelOnFire! As I browsed through I found TONS of selections at 85% off, and saw that the largest majority were still more than 70%. Wow, those are some real discounts. Why pay $1000 when you can pay $200!? Am I right?

As if those savings weren't great enough, right now you can save 25% off sitewide when you use the exclusive code RANDIKAYE at checkout. 

Whether it's an engagement, an anniversary or just because, JewelOnFire has you covered for all your genuine diamond and genuine gemstone jewelry needs! Head on over to check it out and shop today! 


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