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My 2018 Word: Renew

Last week, I shared some tips on finding your one word for the year. At the time, I was still contemplating a few myself, but after much thought it finally came to me on New Years Eve. My 2018 One Word:

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Seems like a pretty great word to start the year off, right?

The last few years have been very rough--- health, finances, you name it, it's all been thrown our way. And I must admit, it's left me feeling a little defeated. When I looked at many of my goals for this coming year, they truly revolved around starting fresh and getting out of the rut that I'd been in. Renew truly was the ideal word.

Today, I'm sharing how I hope to incorporate this word into my year:

  • Renew My Body. When it comes to my health issues there isn't much I can do for many of them, but I do want to be more diligent in the steps I am already taking to try to keep my body as strong and healthy as possible--- keeping up with my vitamin routines, eating well, working out as I am able, etc.
  • Renew My Blog. I've lost some of my organization again just due to those health issues so I need to start fresh, and get back on track.
  • Renew My Home. Ultimately, I hope to move this year, but in the meantime, I am actively working at reorganizing and clearing out the old in preparation and hopes of doing so. 
  • Renew My Business. Another one I'm actively working on... from updating inventory and graphics and just keeping everything fresh and exciting for my customers.
  • Renew My Faith. I feel like this is something that even the strongest in faith should constantly be working on--- starting each day new. My hope is to set more time aside just for that--- be it more time for journaling or starting more regular and consistent Bible studies. 
  • Renew My Creativity. If you've struggled with mental health, you know that it has a way of zapping away who you are... for me that's as a creative person, and I feel as though I have lost much of that in the past few years, so I want to again just be diligent in making the effort to keep that alive. 
  • Renew My Mind. Like I said, I've been in a rut. Part of that is my health--- both physical and mental and that's something that I definitely am always trying to work through each and every day. I know that this aspect is going to have to be a daily renewal, and and my hope is that in tackling renewing these other areas of my life, it will come along naturally.

Did you decide on your One Word? What word did you choose, and how do you hope to live it this year? 


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