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Bible Journaling for the Typical Journaler {A Teen Bible Review}

**Bible received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

When you think of Bible journaling... what comes to mind?

For many if not most of us, we specifically think of Bible ART journaling, as this is the type of journaling that seems to get the most attention. But what about those who prefer a more standard form of journaling? The writers and the thoughtful readers? Can Bible journaling still benefit them too?

Absolutely! Here's how:

  • Allows them to reflect on their faith where they are NOW.
  • Allows them to write down prayer requests--- how their prayers were answered and when. Were they answered how they'd hoped. What can they learn from the waiting or those answers?
  • Allows them to 'speak' to God in a way that makes more sense. Some of us are better with written words than we are with typical conversations, and why should our communication with God be different?
  • Allows them to take notes and dive deeper into what they are reading.
  • Allows them to express themselves creatively through writing. It doesn't have to be artwork to be creative, writing poetry in the margins of our Bibles is another great creative way to connect.

Today, I'm sharing a journaling Bible for teen girls that is perfect for the more typical journaler- the NIV Journal the Word for Teen Girls:

Reflect, respond, and grow closer to your heavenly Father. With hundreds of journaling prompts and plenty of space for notes, art, and doodles, the NIV Journal the Word™ Bible for Teen Girls provides a place to capture your thoughts while reading Scripture. Journal your feelings, dreams, and hopes. Create art, color, and doodle. However you wish to creatively express yourself, engage with God’s heart and get to know the One who knows and loves you.

Like most journaling Bibles that can be used for ANY type of journaling, this Bible offers plenty of room in the margins for notes or artwork, whatever you prefer. However, unlike most journaling Bibles that are completely free in the margins, this particular Bible also offers several prompts throughout to help girls truly reflect and relate to what they are reading. They can then use those margins to write their reflections based upon those prompts. There is still plenty of room to write down other thoughts, prayer requests, etc throughout. You could even still use for art journaling if you'd like, or a combination of several styles... the possibilities are endless.

Aside from these great features, its also absolutely stunning. I love the simple and gorgeous floral design on the cover. While we know that the cover is not nearly as important as what is on the inside, it's still nice to have something pretty too, isn't it? Especially for teenage girls I think.

For the teen girl who loves a more typical style of journaling, this is a must see. It is available to purchase now at your favorite Christian book retailers.


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