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The Perfect Gift for the Foodie on Your List {A ToBox USA Coupon Code} #HolidayGiftGuide2017

***Product received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Do you have someone who loves to cook on your list?

Are you stuck on the perfect gift for them?

There are so many great kitchen gadgets and do dads out there that it can be a little overwhelming to decide. I get it--- I'm a big fan of kitchen related gifts myself. But with all the different gadgets out there, nothing can truly beat the essentials. There are many must haves for the kitchen out there, but perhaps none are more important than a GOOD knife.

I'm a frugal shopper and for many things, I find myself reaching for the cheapest possible options. And for some things, this is just fine. Is the $1 measuring cup going to measure any differently than the $20 one? No, not even a little. But knives? That's a completely different story. When my husband and I got married we could not afford much, so we had super cheap knives, and they caused nothing but frustration. They slipped, they didn't cut well... they just showed that they were not great quality. If there is ONE thing that every kitchen enthusiast must have--- it's a great knife.

But that still doesn't mean you have to spend a ton to get a great quality. ToBox USA aimed to prove that. LA based and formed by a team of foodies, self proclaimed chefs and jet-setters from around the Globe, at ToBox they are constantly striving to put quality first. The products are affordable, but the quality still fantastic! I was recently sent me their Carbon Steel Chef Knife to experience for myself.

Not only does this knife look beautiful in it's design, but it WORKS! It cuts through anything I need it to easily so I'm not wasting time in the kitchen! It slices through without any added effort. That's a huge plus for me, but again... being on a budget, I appreciate even more that it's still very affordable in comparison to other knives of the same quality. It retails at just $21.99, and even includes a lifetime warranty!

As if the price as it were weren't great enough, now you can save even MORE! Use the code RANDIKAYE to receive 30% off! Amazing, right?

If you're looking for the right gift for the foodie on your list, this knife is a fantastic choice. Head on over to Amazon to purchase yours today! 


  1. Oooh!! This is actually JUST what I am getting for hubby!! He is totally into grilling so I got him a butcher block and have been looking for a great knife!!

  2. A good knife is essential.
    slehan at juno dot com


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