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**Books received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

Santa Claus is Coming To Town.
The Year Without a Santa Claus.
Frosty the Snowman.
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

If you're anything like me, when you read these titles, a smile fills your face as you recall watching each of these great Christmas classics as a child. These fun movies are beloved by so many, and have become a crucial part of our holiday traditions.

In my own family, their is perhaps none more popular than Rudolph! We just cannot get enough. Not only do we watch the movie each and every year, but we also have pieces of the movie mixed into our holiday decor too. As much as I loved it when I was a child, my own children seem to love it just as much. There's something really special about that if you ask me--- sharing something across the generations.

Throughout the years, Rudolph has not lost his steam... he is every bit as beloved now as he was then. Each year, we see new and excited Rudolph collectibles making an appearance. Today, I'm sharing with you three great books from Silver Dolphin Books that are perfect for the Rudolph fans on your list!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Crochet (Thunder Bay Press; ISBN: 978-1626866577; $24.99; Ages 3 and up): From bouncing Bumbles to Yukon gold, you'll love these adorable amigurumi figures from the classic television special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! This cheerful kit contains all the materials you'll need to create Rudolph and Santa. Colorful photos and step-by-step directions in the 76-page instruction book will also guide you through crafting the Bumble, Charlie-in-the-Box, Dolly, Spotted Elephant, Hermey, Moonracer, Mrs. Claus, Clarice, Sam the Snowman, and Yukon Cornelius. Warm up your crochet hook for this group of charming holiday characters! 

Now, I must admit, I cannot crochet, but this is the perfect gift idea for the crafter on your list--- no matter their age. One of my personal favorite scenes from Rudolph was the Island of Misfit Toys--- don't we all sometimes feel like those misfit toys? So, while I do love some of those more recognizable figures like Rudolph himself, I love that this set has them included too! This is a great way to beat the winter boredom and when you're finished, you've got adorable characters you can incorporate into your decor in years to come.
T.E.A.M. Rudolph and the Reindeer Games (Silver Dolphin Books; ISBN: 978-1684120789; $17.99; Ages 3-7): We all recall the most famous reindeer of all. But how much do you know about the story of the Reindeer Games and the other eight reindeer? Well, now you can know the whole story, meet the rest of Santa's trusted reindeer, and learn what it means to be on T.E.A.M. Rudolph!

If your children are anything like my own, when they fall in love with a movie character, they want to hear about them over and over again... and that is just what this fun story allows them to do. It starts with a look at the other eight reindeer that we don't know as much about. then retells the Rudolph story that we all know and love. That alone would be pretty great, but I loved the ending most--- a sweet reminder that it's okay to be different and to embrace those differences, because we all have our own skills and roles to play. Having an autistic child and living in a world where bullying for being different is so prominent, I think this is a great lesson for kids and who better to learn from than their favorite reindeer! 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Pop-Up Book (Silver Dolphin Books; ISBN: 978-1626861978; $19.95; Ages 3-5): Start a new holiday family reading tradition with this delightful pop-up retelling of the beloved Christmas story. Just in time for its 50th anniversary, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is now a stunning pop-up book, a treasure for generations to come. All of the classic characters join Rudolph for his North Pole adventure: Hermey the elf/aspiring dentist, Yukon Cornelius, and the doe-eyed Clarice. The impressive large-scale pop-ups re-create classic scenes using actual movie stills. Fly along with Rudolph, join in the reindeer games, flee from the Abominable Snow Monster, visit the Island of Misfit Toys, and save Christmas one foggy night. Most importantly, be touched by the timeless story of acceptance and the true meaning of the holiday spirit.

This is the favorite in my house... I mean, who doesn't love a great pop up book!? This is such a fun way to bring our favorite story to life in 3D. This may be recommend for ages 3-5, but I can tell you that our entire family loves it-- my 4 year old, my 10 year old--- even myself. It is beautifully crafted and truly such a fun and unique addition to our Christmas book collection. Definitely a must have for every Christmas loving family! 
Each of these books offers something a little different, but all of them are absolutely fabulous ways to keep the fun and magic of Rudolph going in your homes. You can see these and more from Silver Dolphin Books at the links below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SilverDolphin, @SilverDolphin

And one very lucky reader is going to win a prize pack of all three books! Enter using the giveaway form below:


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