Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Put the Pep Back in Your Mornings with a Deal on Morning Pep Prenatal! #deal

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Morning Pep. All thoughts are 100% my own. 
When you discover that you are having a new baby--- or decide that you intend to try--- one of the first things your doctor will recommend is that you start taking a prenatal vitamin. We all know the importance of these in making sure that mom and baby are getting absolutely everything they need. 

But I must be 100% honest... I absolutely hated taking prenatal vitamins with both of my children. First and foremost, I struggle to swallow pills and it seemed as though they just could not get any larger. Even the gummy versions just did not seem to agree with me. Every time I would take them I'd be filled with nausea that would last all day long. There had to be a better way, right? 

Enter Morning Pep.

Morning Pep certainly sounds a whole lot better than morning sickness, am I right? As it should. You see, not only is Morning Pep crafted to provide all the essential nutrients necessary for expecting and nursing mothers to provide optimum health for mom and baby... it's also designed to help with morning sickness and nausea as well. 

Say what!? Where or where was this prenatal during my pregnancies!? I was never one to have major morning sickness... but the nausea... oh boy. It was enough to keep you in bed all day. Getting anything done? Forget it! And while that might be okay with a first baby, if you have a little one already, you just cannot afford to be down for the count.

And I know that my experience with prenatal induced nausea was not 100% unique to me. I have spoken with several other experienced mamas and mamas to be that experienced the same. Many of us had to opt not to take prenatal vitamins at all. Not ideal, but when everything else has failed... what are you going to do? Morning Pep is truly the perfect solution. The easy to swallow tablets are odorless and tasteless so that they do not cause those side effects like nausea that so many experience with other brands. 

But more importantly, it's a very effective supplement. Take a look at these quick facts that set Morning Pep apart from other prenatal vitamins on the market:
  • Formulated for maximum effectiveness to support brain, eye and nervous system function.
  • Folic acid comes in the form L-Methyl Folate. This is the most bioavailable and easy to absorb folic acid or folate. 
  • Includes 25 MG of superior probiotics and enzymes.
  • Promotes a healthy pregnancy, breast health, estrogen levels AND immune system. 
  • Helps to ease nausea and may help support hormone related mood swings. 

Whether you have vitamin induced nausea or are looking for a solution to reduce or prevent nausea/morning sickness in general, Morning Pep is a must try!

And right now you can save 10% on a 4 month supply! Use the code RANDIKAYE at checkout to save! Head on over to place your order now, and enjoy the holidays without morning sickness hanging over your head. 

Did you or do you experience nausea or morning sickness during pregnancy? How could Morning Pep help you? 


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