Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Invited To A Winter Wedding? Here Are 3 Tips For Attending In Style

Invited To A Winter Wedding? Here Are 3 Tips For Attending In Style

If you're preparing to attend a winter wedding this season, you're certainly not alone. While it's true that June is still the most popular month to get married, accounting for 15% of all weddings, more and more couples seem to be opting for times of year that best reflect their personality and eclectic tastes. And as a guest, you're expected to attend with certain criteria in mind. Here are just a few style tips to keep in mind if you're preparing to attend a winter wedding.

Opt For Layers and Long Sleeves

First, layers and long sleeves are your best friends during winter wedding season. You have virtually unlimited options when it comes to materials and styles, and versatile layers make it easier than ever to get and stay comfortable throughout the night, even with multiple temperature changes. If you're unsure about what temperatures to expect, checking the weather can put your mind at ease, but inquiring directly with the couple or another guest for attire suggestions can also be helpful as well. And of course, when all else fails, there's absolutely no shame in bringing a backup coat or warm layer to keep in your car, just in case the weather turns out to be chillier than you expected.

Relax The Body And Mind

Weddings are definitely intended to be enjoyable and memorable occasions for everyone involved. That being said, there's often at least a small level of stress and pressure that comes with getting ready, choosing the right gift, and having to socialize for several hours on end. To put your mind at ease, consider taking a hot bath or shower to relax before getting ready for the big event. There's a reason why the global spa and wellness industry has been growing by 12% annually since 2007: these types of activities are absolutely perfect for relaxing both the body and mind simultaneously, helping you prepare for any mental or physical pressures you may have to deal with throughout the day. You may be surprised at just how much a hot shower can rejuvenate both the body and mind.

Don't Forget The Accessories

Believe it or not, winter weddings can be the perfect opportunity to show off any new and colorful jewelry or accessories you've recently acquired over the holidays. From dazzling bracelets to shimmering belt buckles, nothing is off limits. For an extra classy look, consider wearing a gold plated watch. A "gold-plated" watch has a coating of a gold alloy over a base metal by either electro-depositing and/or a chemical process. Recommended minimum thickness should be 10 microns thick. Gold-plated watches are the perfect accessories to add a distinct level of classiness to your look without the exorbitant costs that usually come with them.

Ultimately, keeping these tips in mind can help you make the most of your time as a guest at any winter wedding this season. After relaxing with a hot bath or shower, putting on your warm and cozy layers, and accessorizing with the season's latest trends, you'll be all ready to go out and truly enjoy the winter wonderland that surrounds you.


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