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Finding the Right Bible for Your Child {+ A Kids Bible Giveaway} #HolidayGiftGuide2017

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We all know that Jesus is the Reason for the Season, and I always try to keep this in my mind as I am planning for the holidays. I try to remind me kids throughout the season, but let's be honest... sometimes the excitement of presents can get in the way for them. So, every year, I try to get them a special gift to remind them just that. Some years it might be a devotional, some days a new storybook, or even a Bible.

But, when it comes to choosing Bibles for kids, what do you look for? Today I'm sharing a few thoughts:

  • Think About Their Interests. Did you know there are Bibles for pretty much anything your child might be interested in these days? Minecraft, Legos, princesses... I've seen them ALL. If it grabs their interest, it's more likely to make them want to pick it up. 
  • Consider Their Reading Level. It's okay to get them a 'real' Bible before they are ready- either as a keepsake to save until that time or to read together, but if you want something that they can read on their own, be mindful of where they are. If they're not ready for a real Bible just yet, a storybook Bible is still a great option. 
  • Consider the Translation. Find a translation that you think they will understand and enjoy. If they participate in Sunday School, etc you might consider finding out if there is a preferred translation there. 
  • Keep It Fun AND Educational. Who says its can't be both, right? There are so many great kids Bibles out there to choose from that there truly is no reason not to find something fun and unique that fits your child's interests and curiosity. 
Today, I want to share with a few great gift options when it comes to kids' Bibles.

First up, the NKJV Color Code Bible:

Over 1600 passages are color-coded on important faith themes. The first New King James Version for Kids highlighted in full-color, this Bible will be simple for kids to read and understand. 
With topics arranged by color, you will learn about salvation and how to put God’s word into your daily faith walk. The topics/colors are:
Gold: God
Navy: Sin, evil,
Red: Jesus
Orange: washed clean from sin, new life
Green: growth in your new life as a Christian and Faith Walk
Blue: Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving
Purple: Heaven
A vibrant 64 pages in the beginning of the Bible will explain the color system as well as offer expanded study help features especially for a child’s creative and imaginative mind!
The large, readable type, bold in-text subject headings, individual Bible book introductions, and color-highlighted verses all make this Bible a fantastic purchase for any child!
Full of bright colors, memorization aids, and the never-ending truth of God’s Good News, the Color Code Bible is an exciting new way to study God’s Word for everybody.

Now, typically the NKJV would not be my first choice for a kids' Bible as I personally find it a little mire difficult to understand, however many still prefer this more classic translation and that's okay. This is a great Bible for them... but even if it's not the prefer translation, the style of this Bible might just change your mind! I've seen it suggested before that as you read your Bible it can be very helpful to have a set of highlighters or pens in various colors and mark everything by categories. This Bible has already done the work for you! As your child reads, they will discover highlighted passages about the topics listed above. Not only does this help them to gain a better understanding of exactly what it is they are reading, for my son who is very much a visual person, it seemed to help keep him interested too... more so than just looking at a plain white page! 

But I must admit, that's not even my favorite part of this particular Bible. Before the Old Testament even begins there is a TON of information about the Bible in general. It tells you the importance of the bible, what category each book falls into (history, poetry, prophecy, Gospels, church history, letters, etc. It tells you all about who wrote the Bible. It tells you WHY you should read the Bible. And of course it gives an in depth description of each color code talked about. It even offers various reading plans that your child can stick to.

This truly is a great study Bible, packed full of useful tools to help your child fully understand the Bible. It is available to purchase now at your favorite Christian book retailers.

Next up, the NIrV Kids' Quest Study Bible:

How come people lived so long back then? Why did God allow the flood? Is Jesus real?
Kids have LOTS of questions about the Bible and God. The NIrV Kid’s Quest Study Bible is a great resource for kids eager to learn more.
Features include:
  • Over 500 real questions and answers from kids
  • “Quest Challenges” that help kids apply the Bible’s teachings to their own lives by pointing to Scripture
  • Book introductions that help explain what each book of the Bible is about
  • A dictionary and a subject guide that help kids find what they’re looking for
  • A fresh, colorful design with cartoons that makes the Bible fun to look at and use
  • The complete NIrV translation—the NIV for kids! This translation is written at a third grade reading level for children just beginning to explore the Bible on their own
Isn’t it exciting to discover the world, ask how things work, and learn about God and the Bible? With a bright, colorful design, reading and using the Bible is fun.

This is most certainly the Bible for the kid with all the questions. Let's be honest--- that's most kids, isn't it? Kids are still learning and exploring their world, and that means they want to know it all! As they read through this Bible they will find the answers to all of those questions. In fact, each book starts with a series of important questions: who wrote it? what's it about? who was it written for? and when was it written? These questions will get the reading started off on the right foot. The questions continue on as they read. Some of the questions are related exactly to what they are reading- the Bible questions. Others are more general kid questions that can be answered USING the scriptures they are reading. For instance, 'why do I have to brush my teeth?'. Not the typical Bible question, but certainly one MY kids have asked... this Bible uses scriptures to help answer those burning questions. There are also Quest Challenges throughout that both answer important questions and give a real life application to experience the answers for themselves. This certainly helps to bring the Bible more relevance to their life every day. 

If you have a curious child with lots of questions on your list, this is THE must have Bible for them. It is available to purchase at your favorite Christian book retailer.

And one very lucky reader is going to win the Color Code Bible for themselves. Enter using the giveaway form below:

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