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Sesame Street Creates App To Help Military Families With Moving Woes

The average American moves approximately 12 times during their life, but it can be tough for children to acclimate to a whole new community. And if you have a family member in the military, those difficult moves may be extremely frequent, which can disrupt necessary routines and cause high levels of stress for kids.

Now, one of the nation's most beloved television shows, Sesame Street, is trying to sweep those clouds away with the creation of a new app made specifically for military families who want to help their children during a move.

The app, called Big Moving Adventure, is meant to foster engagement and positivity, rather than the anxiety and sadness many kids feel when they have to uproot their lives and go to a new place. The app is highly interactive, educational, and entertaining. Not only does it help kids get more excited about a move, say its creators, but it also helps parents communicate with their kids. Sesame Street also suggests that parents frame a move as an exploratory adventure, make packing belongings more exciting by decorating boxes, and provide reassurance and patience when needed.

Repetitive moves are difficult for many young children, but for older kids, it can be even harder to feel secure and make new friends at their new school. Although 67% of American teens say they actually want to spend more time with their parents, moving to a new place on a yearly basis can make teenagers feel extremely isolated from their peers. There are also many logistics involved in a summertime move, like early registration requirements and drastically different rules from state-to-state. These issues can even cut into summer vacation, which can add insult to injury for young people, regardless of age.

Experts advise that military families shouldn't hesitate to reach out to their relocation assistance office and sponsors to help ease the transition. But while that may help adults feel more comfortable in a new place, it won't really help ease their kids' worries.

That's why open lines of communication are key. While an app may not seem like it could do much, Big Bird and the Sesame Street gang have facilitated countless important conversations in the past. With help from app creators and willing parents, kids may become more comfortable with the idea of embarking on a new experience. A move will never be easy, but by downloading the app on Android, iPhone, or Kindle, it may become a little bit more fun.

Image Source: Sesame Street for Military Families


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