Thursday, August 24, 2017

Get Back To School... Without Losing Your Sanity {A Mom's Guide To Stay Organized for Back To School with STEMSFX}

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Has your little one gone back to school yet? My son has been back at school for 4 weeks now, and already I feel like I'm drowning in paperwork and newsletters! It's amazing how quickly that adds up. Add in homeschooling my preschooler... well, I'm finding myself starting to lose track of EVERYTHING!

When we think of back to school, we think about the supplies the kids need to start school off right, but what about us as parents? How can we keep track of all of our kids school needs- be it public school or homeschool without losing our sanity? Today, I'm sharing a few tips:

  • Invest in Folders to Organize. Again, this is something we think about for kids or teachers, but I've come to the realization that my system of just stacking up papers as they come in... well, it's just not practical! Find some good quality folders (like these) to help keep everything in its place. If typical folders won't do the job, consider zipper poly pouches (these are great for handbooks, smaller paper projects, etc.) or poly envelopes.
  • Don't Keep Everything. I must admit, when it comes to my kids I have to resist the urge to keep every little bit of homework and artwork they create. I have very quickly realized that this is NOT a good plan when it comes to staying organized and not getting buried in paper. So, throw some of it out. Keep the most important ones, but don't worry about keeping them all. Also, if newsletters are no longer relevant (all events have passed, etc), toss those out too.
  • Color Code It. There's nothing like trying to find that field trip permission slip and having to sort through homework, newsletters and more to get to it, right? So, give everything it's own category depending on your personal needs. Have a folder for homework, a folder for newsletters, a folder for important documents (students handbooks, etc). Have a special needs child? Keep a folder of all IEP revisions and meeting updates. Keep a folder with progress reports. If you have it sorted by type, it'll be much easier to find what you need. This works for homeschooling parents too- assign each subject and color and sort accordingly! 
  • Write Down the Important Stuff. Aside from keeping papers organized, write down the important dates as they come in. I highly suggest keeping a planner. Still keep those slips of paper until events have passed (in case you write them down incorrectly), but having them centrally located is a HUGE help! 
I'll admit, I'm the MOST absent minded person I know and forget things faster than Dory... but I've found having the proper supplies and a good system has been a huge help for me in staying organized in this back to school season.

Want to find high quality supplies to help keep you organized? STEMSFX has you covered- from the homeschooling mom to the teacher to the small business owner or just us moms trying to keep it all together! I think their website says it best:

The more organized you are in any endeavor the more time you have to focus on the heart of what matters leading you to more successful adventures. Office supplies are key. We offer many quality products to support you:
  • Plastic Folders
  • Binders
  • Plastic Envelopes
  • Assortment of accessories
  • Different sizes, styles, colors
  • Single items, 6-packs, 12-packs

STEMSFX was founded out of the love and respect for learning and staying organized while learning. We hope you all get organized and #workcolorfully in all your endeavors. Our goal is to provide motivating stationery and office supply items for school, work, and home to help you to continuously learn, grow, and be productive in order to achieve your success. Invigorate your productivity with STEMSFX!

I was sent a variety of these folders and envelopes to try out for myself, and I LOVE them. The colors are bright and vibrant. Being a visually inspired person, this was a huge plus for me... I need color to thrive! These inspired me to actually WANT to get it all organized...and help me stay that way too. They were also great quality. My son took a few of the folders for his drawing projects. He is ROUGH on folders but these will certainly stand up to whatever he puts them through. 

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How do YOU stay organized for back to school? How can STEMSFX help? 


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