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Back To School on A Budget

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Back to School Season is HERE!

Every morning as I browse through my newsfeed, I see more and more children heading off on their first day of school. It's such an exciting time for kids...and sometimes us parents too, but it can also get pretty expensive! Of course you know by now I am all about saving money--- so how can you save money on back to school? Today I'm sharing my tips!

Watch for Sales. Throughout most of the year, school supplies can get rather pricey, but back to school sales are the time to buy! Crayola crayons for 50 cents! Glue sticks for 40 cents! Notebooks for 25 cents! The deals are pretty amazing, so make sure you're shopping those for a huge savings. I also use this opportunity to stock up on those things for home too.

Re-Use What You Can. Now some supplies you are going to have to buy each and every year, but there are some that can be used over again. If their backpack is in perfect shape, use it again. Same with pencil boxes, scissors, lunch bags, etc. If you have a child that's rough on things that might not always be an option, but re-using what you can can be a huge savings.

Buy Used. I always like to try to get my son at least one brand new outfit (on sale) for the first day of school, but aside from that, we try to buy used when we can. My son is really rough on clothes, so while we want him to look his best for school, we cannot afford to replace them with brand new all the time. We love Once Upon a Child for used kids clothes.

Check Dollar Tree...for SOME Things. Now, I'm a big fan of Dollar Tree for many things, but I'll be completely honest, most back to school items you can find elsewhere for cheaper with deals. However, there are a few things I do head to Dollar Tree for--- earbuds and kleenexes for instance! You can also find some great items for locker or desk organization and even classroom wall decor for the teachers and homeschooling moms out there. I make Dollar Tree my last stop for those things I cannot find cheaper elsewhere.

Shop Early for NEXT Year. The only time you can find better deals on school supplies than the back to school sales are the clearance sales after! Stock up on what you can for NEXT year, or to replenish throughout the year.

Talk To Your Child's Teacher. When all else fails and you just cannot find the funds to get everything right now- talk to your child's school/teacher. They can tell you which are most important to start the year and which other things you can send in later as you are able. They probably aren't going to use ALL those kleenexes in the first few weeks, so wait a month or so and send them in then! Same with things like dry erase markers, etc. They may also know of local programs that can help those who truly need it.

Do you have a little one heading back to school this year? What are your best tips and tricks for saving on back to school expenses? 


  1. Dollar Tree for the things like locker decorations is s GREAT idea!

    I also like stocking up for throughout the year.

  2. I love this and many I do myself. I will buy a few things at the Dollar Tree and also buy things from Goodwill.


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