Friday, June 2, 2017

Planning Your Dream Wedding Without a Pippa Middleton Budget

Everywhere you look right now, people are discussing Pippa Middleton's wedding to James Matthews, a hedge fund millionaire. According to everyone in attendance (or at least everyone who talked to the press), the whole affair went off with what ABC News memorably called a "military-like precision."

Since May 20, the internet has been abuzz with details about her dress, her three part wedding party (Church, Brunch, and an evening party), what might be the best photo of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, ever taken, and the glass replica of a crystal palace where the reception took palace. The wedding was by all accounts -- forgive the pun -- a modern day fairy tale.

Of course, the picture perfect wedding came at a price. The glass reception structure alone was estimated to cost more than $100,000 to construct. In total, the wedding cost anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million. For those of us accustomed to living a more frugal life, the price tag for such a wedding is mind boggling -- and a little disheartening. Whether you are dreaming of your own wedding or the wedding of your children, it is easy to get swept up in the romance of a grand affair like the Middleton wedding.

And while you may never be able to have a wedding in the style of the royal, rich and the famous, there are many simple ways to make your wedding more affordable. If you want to save money on a wedding without sacrificing any of the glamour or the magic, we've outlined some frugal wedding tips below.

Pick the Right Flowers

Flowers are considered an essential component of any wedding. Whether they are placed in vases as the centerpieces or being scattered by your flower girl, choosing the right flowers can have a tremendous impact on both the glamour and cost of your wedding.

A good trick to making the most of your budget is to pick flowers that are in season. It might be tempting to choose something pretty or personal, but many flowers have only a short window when they can be grown outdoors. Lilacs, for instance, are only in season three weeks a year.

Choosing something that is in season, or better yet, growing your own flowers, is a great way to cut back on your wedding costs and environmental footprint at the same time.

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

If you are just starting to plan your wedding, then you likely aren't aware just how much wedding invitations can cost. The average couple will spend upwards of $443 on wedding invitations alone. By making your own invitations, you can cut back on the cost of your wedding significantly. Plus, this personal touch gives you the opportunity to make each invitation a little unique, letting your would-be guests know how important they are to your special day!

Forgo the Diamonds

Okay, we know this is a big one, and not every bride or groom will be on board with such a radical idea. Diamond rings have been a staple of weddings for centuries, but they are neither environmentally nor budget friendly. Almost a third of all couples who look into diamonds plan on spending over a thousand dollars! Imagine all the different ways you could put that money to use! For some, of course, a diamond-less wedding is out of the question. However, simple gold bands are a tasteful and time-honored alternative to the glitzy wedding ring.

Weddings are an important milestone in a relationship and can make for truly magical experiences, but it is important that you keep them in perspective. At their purest form, weddings are celebrations of a commitment to love someone for the rest of your life -- and what do you really need besides that?


  1. True that there are many ways to have the perfect wedding without spending the money.


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