Thursday, June 29, 2017

Baby on a Budget {Tips to Help You Save on Baby Needs}

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There must be something in the water! Everywhere I look, it seems someone else I know is expecting a baby!

And while babies are exciting and fun, they can also be... well, expensive! So while the baby days are over in my own household, I wanted to pass along some of my personal tips on saving for baby!

  • Ditch Disposables. Perhaps one of the greatest ways that I saved money with my daughter was by using cloth diapers. There are many ways you can save even further on those, but even just by using cloth, you're savings a TON over using disposable.
  • Use Coupons. There are ALWAYS coupons available for baby essentials like diapers and wipes, even baby soaps, etc. While breastfeeding is certainly cheaper too, there are also always formula coupons too. Take advantage of those. Also don't forget to look for store coupons too! These can help you save on those larger purchases that you cannot as easily find coupons for.

  • Comparison Shop and Price Match. This is with any kind of shopping, but I've found baby product can have a HUGE difference in price from store to store, so check around and use price matching when available! 
  • Buy Used. Now, there are some things I might not recommend buying used (carseats for example), but many other things can be purchased at a fraction of the cost just by shopping secondhand. With clothing especially, you might find pieces worn once! Babies grow so quickly that many baby items see minimal use. When buying used, keep recalls in mind too! While stores like Once Upon a Child are supposed to check these, other thrift stores or individual owners may not realize. 
  • Enter Giveaways. This one is of course a game of chance, but enter them regularly and come back daily to increase your chances to win. I was able to win many big ticket items- a playpen, infant carseat, etc- for my daughter AND even more smaller things too. Did you know there are giveaway linkys devoted to cloth diaper giveaways!?
  • Set Up a Registry. Even if you're not having a shower, set up a registry. Many places offer rewards on any registry purchases, AND discounts at the end of the 'event'... you can take advantage of these discounts and rewards with your own purchases. Plus, did you know that many places offer freebies when you set up a registry!? Toys R Us and Buy Buy Baby both offer sample bags- these are mostly sample sizes, but can include things like bottles too...AND typically have coupons too. Watch for Target deals on starting a registry. With my daughter I was able to find a coupon for a free gift card just for signing up! Amazon also offers a registry, AND will give you a Baby Box worth about $35 when you sign up, complete your registry checklist AND make a $10 purchase from your registry.

  • Don't procrastinate. Start shopping early! You may not be able to buy clothes, etc right away, but start getting what you can as soon as you're comfortable. Not only does this allow you to watch for deals on the items you need, but it spreads that spending out over time so it's not such a shock to the pocket book.
  • Keep It Basic. Shopping for a little one can be overwhelming, but remember, babies don't NEED it all. A place to sleep, something to eat, diapers and clothes. The rest is nice, but not essential. If your budget is tight, don't feel like you have to have it all... just get what YOU personally need and can get. 
Are you expecting or know someone who is? What money saving tips would you offer to a soon to be mom looking to save? 


  1. We do used clothing, shop sales and to tag sales or garage sales (depending on which area of the country you live in). Hand-me-downs from others that just had babies of the same gender are sooo welcomed!

  2. Kids are expensive.. it's good to start saving when they are little.


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