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Journaling Through Leviticus #BibleJournaling

As you might recall, I have been making an effort to read and journal through the Old Testament. Genesis and Exodus were pretty easy. There were so many epic stories and images that we all love and know so well. I found many places to find my inspiration from. I started thinking that perhaps this whole 'journaling through the Old Testament' journey was going to be easier than I anticipated.

And then came Leviticus.

Oh boy. Now, we all know that Leviticus is the book of laws. Rules, rules, and more rules. How on earth does one journal Leviticus!?

To be honest, I was nearly to the end of the book before finally figuring it out. None of these rules jumped out at me as something I would like to illustrate. In fact all that kept running through my head throughout was, 'Thank God for Jesus!' All of these laws, how hard must it have been to keep each and every one? I mean, can you imagine living in the days of the Old Testament and being bound to these laws? I certainly couldn't. There was simply no way! And when I realized this, it gave me an even great appreciation for the sacrifice of Jesus... how blessed are we to no longer be bound by these laws? How amazing is it that Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice to set us free?

And so, I created a journaling series to reflect just that...

When was the last time you read through Leviticus? What stands out to you? If you've journaled through Leviticus, I'd love to see it! Share on Facebook! 


  1. Our church recently held a sermon series on Leviticus. You're right, it's a hard book to get through. And, there's no way I could have followed all those rules to the T. Through the church sermons, I was able to see how the Old Testament of Leviticus ties in with the New Testament. It was interesting.


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