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God Is Calling, Will You Answer? {A Look Inside Illustrated Faith's 'A Heart That Receives' Monthly Devotional Kit} #IF_AHeartThatReceives #Dayspring

** I received this kit as part of Dayspring's Illustrated Faith Launch Team. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

'I want God to use me. I want to make a difference for His kingdom. I want to see the BIG plans he has for me and my life... but I'm nothing special. I don't have time. I'm not the person for the job.'

Have you ever felt this way?

If I were to be honest, I have and I'm certain I'm not alone. When we look around and see people with great talents, using them to write best selling books or put out hit songs in His glory. We see people doing mission work and making a huge impact on the communities around them. In our own churches we see people doing amazing things, and we think to ourselves, 'But I can't do that.' Perhaps it's not in our skill range or we feel those roles are already taken.

When we look through the Bible, we see more of the same. Great people, doing great things. Noah building an ark. Abraham becoming a father of the nations. Esther saving her people. Mary giving birth to the Son of God. But that can't be us...we're just ordinary. That's what we tell ourselves, but the reality is these were all ordinary people too with one thing in common. They said yes. They had a heart of receivership, and answered God's call.

We'd like to think we'd do the same, right? But in reality, we don't always. When that call comes, there is no caller ID saying, God is calling, pick up. Sometimes it's a little more subtle than that. As much as we'd like to think that we would answer that call, our doubts and securities tell us no. This isn't for me. There is someone better for the job. This is just too much.

Let's be honest, sometimes doing God's work isn't glamorous. It isn't always traveling the country with loads of riches, giving to people in need and sharing the Gospel as you go. It doesn't mean a pain free or struggle free life all the time. Sometimes, it might not even make sense. When Noah started building the ark, there was no rain. Can you imagine what people must have thought- the talk around town? "Oh that crazy Noah...out there building a big boat. Oh, what a waste! He's done gone off his rocker!" Or what about Mary, an unwed teen girl, carrying God's earthly child. Even in our modern times there are sometimes whispers and rumors when a child is born out of wedlock, but in those days? Can you imagine. "Oh sure, the child of God!? I bet. And to a virgin? Yeah, nice try missy!"

It's easy to say yes when its easy... but when saying yes means being laughed at, struggling, giving up everything... can anyone say they really WANT all of that? Following God wholeheartedly into His plans is hard...if it weren't, everyone would do it.

Still other times, it's not the hardships or fears that keep us from stepping out onto the water, but our own pride. Sometimes, God's calling for us isn't to make a shout, but a quiet whisper instead. We're not meant to reach millions, but only 2 or 3. And that's okay too. Esther 4:14 tells us that perhaps we were put where we are, 'for such a time as this'. Be it to reach one person or millions, God has prepared us and put us where He wants us in this time. Maybe that one person we touch will be the one to reach millions, if only we lay aside our pride and hope for something bigger and just say yes, right now.

Today, I'm challenging myself and all of you to open your hearts and say YES! Receive the plans that God has for you, and see the amazing things He can accomplish through us. Maybe you've been feeling led to start a new small group at your church, just say YES! Maybe you've felt the need to share your story and your faith through a blog, say YES! Whatever God has been putting on your heart that you've been doubting, just say YES! God is calling, are you going to pick up the phone?

Still need some encouragement? This month's Illustrated Faith Kit, 'A Heart That Receives' will provide just that:

"It's pretty easy to receive the 'good' of life!  But what happens when the offering being presented is bad news, a heavy load?"  With Scripture and biblical insights, Kim Marquette invites all to join her on a 14-day journey of discovering a little about a heart of receivership.  "While we do not know what the future holds, we do know who holds the future."  —Kim
  • 1 plastic pouch
  • 1 devotional booklet
  • 1 clear stamp collection
  • 1 roll of washi tape
  • 1 sheet of cut-out paper pieces
  • 2 cardstock sticker sheets
  • 3 tip-ins
  • 1 magnet
  • 1 thank you card from Shanna
Every month when the new kit comes, I find myself once again saying that it's my favorite one yet... they just keep getting better. But truly, I cannot imagine that they can get better than this one. Esther is my favorite book in the Bible so I was thrilled to see Esther featured throughout. But aside from that, it's just a gorgeous kit! The florals are perfect for spring. The colors, the lace, the design. Everything just comes together beautifully. And that washi!? Oh my goodness! There was nothing about this kit that I did not love.

And of course, the devotional was perfect too. It gave us a look at 14 people in the Bible and how they had a heart of receivership. Following God wasn't always easy for them, but still they said yes. I think this is a great reminder for us all.

A Heart That Receives is available to purchase now.

Don't forget to use the code 25FORYOU to save 25% and receive free shipping! But hurry, this code expires March 31! 


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