Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Journaling Through Exodus

Next up in my journey in reading and journaling through the Old Testament: Exodus!

Much like Genesis, Exodus- the story of Moses- is one of those books of the Bible in which the stories are all very familiar. We know all about the plagues of Egypt, the 10 commandments, the burning bush. These are all very familiar images for Christians. To be honest, as I was reading through, I was a little shocked that before this moment, I had actually only journaled one page in Exodus! There are so many great reminders of God's keeping his promises and the protection of His people. I really sought to capture that in my journaling. Take a look at some of my pages:

The burning bush in the story of Moses is one of those iconic Bible stories. One of those stories that is at least somewhat familiar for even those NOT familiar with the Bible. This was one moment I really wanted to highlight in a big, bold way. Though honestly, this page is not at all what I intended it to be. You see, though I have no issues with unreadable words in journaling Bibles (after all, I- like many of my Bible journaling friends- keep seperate Bibles for studying and journaling), I do personally try to keep my words readable when being painted over. That was my intention here... a bold fire, but still readable...with much smaller lettering too. But my paint had other ideas. For whatever reason, it went on thicker than normal... so I just decided to go with it! It wasn't the look I was initially going for...but it most definitely was BOLD!

Just as iconic are the plagues of Egypt, but for these, I went with a much simpler entry...a few pen drawings and list of the plagues in order. It doesn't have to be fancy!

So much of Exodus is talking about God's protection of His people as they were led out of Egypt... these few simple pages reflect just that. He protects, He delivers on His promises.

A familiar verse and one I personally loved. I loved the soft colors of this page (created with gelatos and dampened cotton balls).

Isn't it amazing how much grumbling there was on the journey to the Promised Land? God had delivered His people from Egypt and yet...complaints! Reading through it's easy to say, 'Why are you acting like that? Don't you know how much you have to be thankful for!?' Yet, if we were to be honest... don't we all have those moments? Even when things are not going our way, God has already done so much for us. I think working on complaining less is something we all could use some help with.

The burning bush, the plagues of Egypt...all very familiar but if we had to choose THE most iconic image in Exodus, nothing can top the 10 Commandments. I had some fun journaling a few specific commandments rather than the list as a whole... like this vibrant page!

As I was reading through some of these rules that God had given his people, the word obedience came up a few times... and I was reminded of this classic hymn. I love using hymns in my journaling, so I decided this would be a great spot.

Overall, I really enjoyed rereading and journaling through Exodus. I actually found it less of a struggle to journal with many themes and stories that hit home with me. Next up, I moved onto Leviticus... now talk about a challenge. Stay tuned to see how I journaled my way through.


  1. I love your journaling pages!! Thank you for sharing them with us!! I ADORE your bold page!! The Bible is bold and so are a lot of its messages!!


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