Sunday, January 29, 2017

That's So 90's Pop {A Coloring & Activity Book Review}

Being born in 87, I most definitely was a child of the 90s! And my favorite thing about the 90s? No, it wasn't the butterfly clips or my W.W.J.D bracelets? It wasn't even my Tomagotchi. (Though I certainly had all of the above!) No, it was the music. I loved, and still do love, 90s pop!

I mean, this was the time that brought us Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. This was the time of the Spice Girls. Like all girls my age, every girl had their favorite Spice Girl they dressed up as when they were together. I was Posh Spice. Those may have been three of the larger names to come out of the 90s, but they weren't the only ones. I couldn't get enough of B*Witched! C'est La Vie was my skating song as I skated around my dads garage. My first major crush- Aaron Carter! What a dream come true to have floor seats to see him in concert! And who could forget my absolute favorite- S Club 7. I was obsessed!

Naturally, when I saw that there was a coloring and activity book dedicated to 90s pop, I was ecstatic. Take a look:

Join Britney Spears in a maze searching for the necklace she once thought the old lady dropped into the ocean. Join Mandy Moore for a Candy-fuelled adventure in her green VW bug. Color in the scorching tattoos on Nick Lachey's rippling biceps. All this and so much more to be discovered within the pages of That's so '90s Pop, a fill-in activity book featuring a bevy of beloved musical pop stars from the late '90s/ early '00s.

Pop Stars Include:
·         The Spice Girls
·         Backstreet Boys
·         Britney Spears
·         N Sync
·         Christina Aguilera
·         98 Degrees
·         Mariah Carey
·         TLC
·         Mandy Moore
·         Enrique Iglesias
·         Destiny’s Child
·         Jessica Simpson
·         Macy Gray
·         Alanis Morisette
·         Aaron Carter
·         Usher
·         Lil’ Kim
·         Pink
·         Blink 182
·         Los Del Rio
·         and more!

It's no secret that I love adult coloring books, so a coloring book that combined the pop music of my childhood with my love of coloring? Amazing! Now, there are many artists featured that I was not a big fan all... but I loved seeing some of my favorites and being reminded of the music I loved as a child. It might even inspire you to start rocking out to those 90s favorites. (No judgement here!)

The fun thing about this particular book is that it's not JUST coloring. With each artist featured, you get a fun coloring page plus an activity of some sort. Yet another way to bring our childhoods back to the present with those same kind of fun activities that we used to love doing as children- connect the dots, fun mazes, word searches, crosswords and more! This is such a fun dose of nostalgia for the 90s kid!

If you love coloring and long for the 90s (or at least want to jam out to it on occasion), this is one book that you must see. It is available to purchase now.


  1. I've been coloring since I was 15.I was coloring before it became so popular.I love that they have adult coloring books. This looks like a fun color book! I probably have 100+ books.I have a bunch that are older.My 31 yr old daughter loves to color too.It helps my chronic and just helps me relax.

  2. Ahhh!! I LOVE this and need to buy it just to have it!! Lol!! I never have time to color but this bad boy needs to be mine!!


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