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Junie B Jones: Musical Edition {Available January 3}

**I have received a copy of this book for consideration. All thoughts are my own.
If you have a child who is beginning to read chapter books, chances are you've heard of Junie B Jones. This lovable character has been around making reading fun and humorous for two decades! While most of us probably think of young girls when we hear these titles mentioned, it truly is a character that everyone can fall in love with. My son certainly did when he was introduced a few years back. He has read many of these great chapter books over the last few years and enjoys every single one! At this point, he is probably ready to move onto something a little more advanced for him, but still he cannot get enough.

But did you know there was also a Junie B Jones musical?

That's right they took 4 of these best selling books and adapted them into a fun musical that kids and parents alike can fall in love with on the stage. And now, you can bring the stage home with you with an all new audio book featuring the music from the musical:

Being in first grade means having to get used to a whole new classroom. And a whole new teacher. And a whole new bunch of strange children. But here's the worst thing of all: When Junie B. tries to read words on the chalkboard…she can’t! Is it possible that Junie B. needs glasses?

This special audiobook edition of Junie B. Jones, First Grader (at last!) contains all the songs from Junie B. Jones The Musical. The musical is adapted from the books Junie B. Jones, First Grader (at Last!); Junie B. Jones, Boss of Lunch; Junie B. Jones, One-Man Band; and Top Secret Personal Beeswax, A Journal by Junie B. (and Me), by Barbara Park. © 2001, 2001, 2002, 2002, 2003 by Barbara Park.

Song list:
1. Top Secret Personal Beeswax
2. Lucille, Camille, Chenille
3. You Can Be My Friend
4. Time to Make a Drawing
5. You Need Glasses
6. Show and Tell
7. Now I See
8. Lunch Box
9. Gladys Gutzman, Queen of Snacks
10. Kickball Tournament
11. Sheldon Potts’ Halftime Show
12. When Life Gives You Lemons
13. Kickball Tournament (Reprise)
14. When Life Gives You Lemons (Reprise)
15. Writing Down the Story of My Life

Now, my son had already read Junie B. Jones, First Grader (at last!) but he still could not have been more excited to experience it in an all new way! He could read along if he wanted--- a great option for kids who are still struggling with reading- or in his case, just listen again to the story he already knew...but with an added bonus of these great songs based on some of his favorite characters! To be honest, I'm not usually a huge fan of audio books myself--- I'd rather read and experience it on my own, but this one truly was something unique and fun!

If you have a Junie B. Jones fan in your life, this is certainly going to be a must have. It will be available to purchase tomorrow, January 3. 


  1. Omgosh this would be SO perfect for a road trip or long drive!! How fabulous!! I love that they made it a musical with fun songs!!

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