Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bloggers, Increase Your Earnings with Dealspotr Deal Sharing Widget

** A huge thank you to Dealspotr for sponsoring today's post. All thoughts are 100% my own.

A few months ago, I shared with all of you a new way that I was making (and saving) extra money--- Dealspotr.

In case you missed it, here's the story:

Dealspotr is a community-driven coupon site. Like on Wikipedia, the content you see on Dealspotr is created and edited by end users. We're a discussion platform, but specific to deals.

Dealspotr's mission is to help shoppers save more money. We do this by providing accurate, up-to-date deals, as well as easy ways to find deals, through a powerful search engine and a personalized news feed, just like Facebook.
On Dealspotr, you earn points and reputation for being helpful to the community. The more you help people save, your status and points increase. Better yet, you can trade points for gift cards.

Now, I must admit, when I first heard of Dealspotr, I was a little skeptical. I've joined many sites through the years that promise gift cards in exchange for points, but most seemed to take forever to actually amount to anything. This was certainly not the case with Dealspotr. Within just a few days, I'd already had my first payout. Over the last several months, my earnings have only continued to grow- just by posting and validating deals!

If you haven't joined already, it's simple:

1. Sign up here, using access code fdsiiNVjhttps://dealspotr.com/join?source=influencer
2. Upgrade to silver status, by completing your new user checklist, entering your blog URL, and adding and verifying a Dealspotr button to your blog. By upgrading to Silver Status, you will earn 15,000 points ($15) and double your lifetime point, allowing you to earn even quicker.
3. If you choose to do so, you can then upgrade to Gold Status, allowing you to redeem point via Paypal too!

Once you've joined (or if you're already a member), start posting and validating deals to earn points! And you can now even further your earnings from Dealspotr by using their Deal Sharing Widget. Here's how it works:

  1. Find the deals you want to share on your blog.
  2. If viewing the deal from the homepage, click the 'share/embed' option. If you're on the store's section, click on the deal's headline to view the deal details.

  3. Click the share icon.
  4. Customize. When you click the share icon you will be given a few different options. You can share links directly to social media, or copy the embed code directly. These are both great options for quick shares, but to most increase your earning, click on advanced options. This will give you the chance to add your own affiliate link, customize the headline and description, and share similar deals once the deal expires, if desired. Soon, you will even be able to customize colors to better coordinate with your blog look.

  5. Paste onto your deal sharing blog posts.
Using the share widget is super easy, but...what's the point? Why is using this widget a better option that just posting your affiliate links into the text of your blog posts? There are a few simple reasons I am loving it:
  • Visibility. We're all busy, right? I must admit, when reading even my favorite blogs I am sometimes guilty of skimming. The widget sets the deal apart in a way that grabs the readers attention in an easy to click link. This could lead to even more affiliate sales for you. It features a clean look that will look great on any blog!
  • Easy to Click. Perhaps this goes with the visibility, but I love that it is so easy for readers to click to copy and shop the website. As a reader, I myself would love the convenience of this widget... so much easier than finding the links within the text and copy and paste the codes. If its easier to access, I'm more likely to do it. Just take a look at how at these deals as an example:

  • Earn Referrals. By sharing the widget within your post, you're also providing more visibility to Dealspotr itself. You can encourage your readers to join Dealspotr to find more great deals. Referral can earn you more points, meaning more income that way too.
If you share deals on your blog, the Dealspotr Deal Sharing Widget is a must see! It truly is a great way to increase your earnings and only takes a few simple clicks. Head on over to join and check it out today.

Have you joined Dealspotr yet? Try out the Deal Sharing Widget and let me know what YOU think.


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