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A Look at My Journaling Corner

When I first started Bible journaling I started off pretty simply- I had my Bible, some colored pencils, Micron and gel pens. That was IT. Needless to say, it wasn't very hard to keep it all organized. 

And then I started venturing into other mediums. I'd added on washi, paints, stickers, die cuts. Well, you know those memes... 'That escalated quickly'? This would be an appropriate place for them! It didn't take long for journaling and craft supplies to take over! I'll be honest, sometimes it has become difficult to get any actual journaling done simply because I couldn't remember what all I had or where I wanted to start! I needed some organization. And apparently, I'm not alone! One of the common questions I see in other Bible journaling communities is, "How do you store it all?"

I recently made it a goal to get my little craft corner into a workable state, and today I wanted to share my system with all of you! 


I don't have a large house with a room just for crafting (don't I wish), but we have an extra living room area that we use as part craft room/part play room. I just have this little corner here.

Washi is one of my obsessions, and as you can see, I have a LOT. Awhile back, a lady in one of my journaling groups came up with the suggestion of using a bottle rack to store/display them. I happened to have an unopened one in my storage as we'd never used bottles, so I decided to give it  try! It works very well, though some of these in the top center are not actually being held by anything.

Beside that, I have a Thirty-One caddy filled with stickers. In the back, I have alphabet stickers so I can find those more easily, while everything else is in the front.

And, just in case you were wondering, the block set in the back is from Mary & Martha and I have it spelling out 'Create'.

When I first started building up journaling supplies, I knew I was going to need a place to store it all, so I found this desk at Walmart for a great price. It has plenty of shelving for all my needs.

On the top shelf, I have (most of) my journaling Bibles. Below are my coloring books and a caddy that I use to store supplies like pencils, markers, scissors, etc. This caddy is actually from the Dollar Tree, so a really great and affordable storage option!

On top of my desk you'll find my Cameo (cutting machine), the Bible I'm currently working on and my 'I Color in My Bible' storage box. When I am journaling, Illustrated Faith supplies are the ones that I reach for most often so I like to keep these separate. The stickers, tip ins, die cuts, clear cuts, pens, etc are all in this storage box. (Washi, inks and stamps are with those particular supplies.)

This shelf was a gift from my mother in law a few years back. It works perfectly to hold paints (though I'm running a little low right now) and scripture cards! 

For everything else, I have these plastic drawers...they may not look fancy, but they do the job (and I already had them). The one on the left has all of my journaling supplies- paper clips, project life papers, stamps and ink, die cuts and misc. journals, etc. The shorter one on the right is just general craft supplies--- felt, pipecleaners, pom poms, etc... mostly things for kids' crafts! The bins on top hold random things like toilet paper rolls etc...or things that still need sorting!

And that's my crafting space! It's nothing fancy, but it works for me!

Do you have a craft room/corner? I'd love to see your creative organizing solutions. Feel free to share on Facebook! 


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