Monday, December 12, 2016

Make Winter Mornings Easier with Scrape-A-Round {A Review}

**Product received for review, all thoughts are my own.

For many across the country, this past weekend brought the first true sign of winter's arrival.


Now, I love snow! I love seeing the excitement in my children's faces when they see those first flakes of the year coming down. I love the days when the snow is so piled up that we get that wonderful call- SNOW DAY! I love sitting in my warm home with a warm blanket and nice hot mug of coffee and watching the winter-y beauty from the windows. Yes, from the inside looking out, snow is magical and beautiful!

But actually going out INTO the snow, well, now THAT is something I could go without. Still, if you live in an area where it snows, that's just the unfortunate side of winter. At some point, you're going to have to go out in it. You're going to have to walk through the cold and stand outside trying to get the ice and snow off your windows. *sigh* Isn't there an easier way?

Good news, there is! Recently, I was introduced to a great new product that I am excited to share with all of you- the Scrape-A-Round:

The Scrape-a-round is a brilliant feat of ice scraping engineering. The simple explanations why Scrape-A-Round is the best ice scraper are as follows:
Best ice scraper because of the softer plastic, allows the scraper to conform to the window curvature!
18" of ice scraping surface.
The comfortable grasp provides relief for the arthritic or carpal syndrome sufferer.
Direct pressure to the window, no pressure lost through the ice scraper!
The circular rotational motion of ice scraper.
Double ice scraper action, leading edge and trailing edge.
Multi functional, remove the cap and it doubles as a funnel. 
This scrapes windows frost and ice free in half the time!
Makes the perfect gift for the Holidays!

Over this weekend, I had the chance to experience the Scrape-A-Round for myself, and I must say- I am a fan! It was comfortable to hold and did a great job in getting the ice and snow off of my windows. Now, I must say this wasn't a major case of ice as we might see later in the year, but I have no doubts that even during those crazy ice days, it will work better than a typical ice scraper. While I only needed to use the one, the set of 3 together works perfectly on all of those stubborn icy needs! For me, it seemed as though it covers a larger surface to make clearing faster, but also because of its shape and size, allowed me to add more pressure too--- no wonder it worked so well.

I will say the one downfall for me personally is that I am very petite and even with a typical ice scraper I have problems reaching all areas of the windows. Still the benefits outweighed that!

Now, I still cannot say that I look forward to scraping those icy windows as winter continues...BUT I certainly am starting to dread it a little less at least!

Want to see the Scrape-A-Round in action? Check out this video:

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  1. Omgosh this is seriously GENIUS!!! Thankfully we have underground parking but I can imagine this being an amazing stocking stuffer for anyone and everyone who deals with winter and scraping windows, which is SUCH a pain!!

  2. The shape looks like it makes gripping & control easier.


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