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Find the Perfect Gift for Your Cat with The Cat Ball #HolidayGiftGuide

**Product received for review. All thoughts are my own. 

Before becoming a pet owner, I don't think I realized just how much stuff there truly was for cats! Don't get me wrong I knew the basics- litter boxes, food, etc... but the other things like cat beds and trees and scratching posts... I could not have imagined there was so much variety available. But I also soon realized that I was going to be one of those pet owners who didn't want anything 'basic'. If I was going to bring a cat bed into my home, I'd love it to be cute! I'd love it to be a fun addition to my decor that was as functional as it was stylish. So, I went on a search and one of the great products I found was The Cat Ball:

The Cat Ball® manufactures and sells unique pet beds made from our original designs. Our two main product are The Cat Ball® bed and The Cat Canoe®. All of our products are made from high quality designer fabrics and comfy high-density foam. Our goal is to make fantastic beds and toys that your cat will love AND will look great in your home.

In addition to being the perfect cat bed, we have learned that the Cat Ball® is also a fantastic play space. Cats love launching sneak attacks out of either of The Cat Ball's two openings and squishing their unsuspecting slumbering siblings.

Now, I must admit, I don't know who enjoys this more- my son Shaun or his emotional support kitten Stella. Immediately upon opening it, both had to check it out. Stella climbed in to see what this new hiding spot was all about. And she loved it. Then my son stuck his head in to check it out too. And yes, it was love for him too. In fact, if Stella isn't sleeping or playing inside, you can bet that Shaun is sticking his head...or his whole self in. Oh what a sight this is! (Unfortunately, due to my son's distaste for pants, this a sight I cannot share! Ha!)

They love it for the fun, playful design, but for me it was all about the style! This isn't just a boring old cat bed... it's seriously gorgeous! The Cat Ball I received was the Woodlands Floral. The exterior features a fun floral pattern that I adored, while the interior featured and even more beautiful woodland design. They complimented each other beautifully and really just gave this functional cat bed a stylish look that I loved. I don't mind this sitting around my home because it adds visual interest. This is just one of the many gorgeous designs available to fit your tastes and your decor. For even more fun, you can even get a cool shark design! How fun is that!?

And when they get dirty? It's machine washable. For this busy mom, this is most certainly a MUST! I may be a new cat owner, but if there is one that that I know is inevitable it's messes!!!

Another great feature for me is that it can be folded down for easy travel. For my family, Christmas means traveling... and we always have a trunk load already--- especially the trip back with a trunk full of gifts from 3 sets of grandparents! Perhaps many of you can relate. This year being our first traveling with Stella, I've been trying to figure out how we can give her some of these comforts of home during our travels with her, without taking up that space. This is perfect! While this might not be a feature that is important to everyone, for us, it's definitely a huge perk!

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your furry friend, or the cat lover on your list who has everything, The Cat Ball is definitely one to check out! From kids to cats, it will surely be a hit!

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What feline friend or cat enthusiastic on your list would love The Cat Ball? Which style is YOUR favorite?


  1. Omgosh this is too cute!! My parents need one of these for their crazy kittens!!

  2. My cat would love to hide & play in this ball.

  3. The Cat Ball would be a perfect gift for my girlfriend who's getting a new kitty next month! The Christmas Ball is darling but like the Leopard fabric the best!


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