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We hear that word a lot but what does it mean? What is advent? Is it just a fancy word meaning a countdown to Christmas? In the simplest of definitions, yes in some ways it is a sort of countdown to Christmas day... but it is also much more than that. Advent means 'coming of Christ', and the Advent season is a great time to reflect and get our hearts in the right place to celebrate the birth of Jesus! It is NOT just a countdown, but a celebration and tradition all on its own marked with scriptures and the lighting of candles. Each candle has its own significance.

  • The Wreath. When used, with its evergreen leaf and endless circle shape, the advent wreath represents the eternity of God...always constant, never changing. 
  • Purple Candle, Week One. Sometimes called the 'Prophecy Candle', this first purple candle represents HOPE. This symbolizes the hope and expectation that the Messiah was coming.
  • Purple Candle, Week Two. This candle is sometimes called 'The Bethlehem Candle'. While candles one and three tend to mean the same in most traditions I found, weeks two and four did have several variations. Most typically, forgiveness and preparedness. This candle can remind us that we are sinners in need of a Savior to forgive our sins and to remind us to prepare our hearts for Christ.
  • Pink Candle, Week Three. This is sometimes called the 'Shepard's Candle' and represents joy! This is probably my favorite week, because Christmas truly is the season of joy. This reminds us of the joy we feel in anticipation of Christmas and the joy God's people felt at the anticipation of the Messiah's arrival.
  • Purple Candle, Week Four. This is sometimes called that 'Angel's Candle' and most commonly represent's God's love. A reminder that God loved us so much that He sent us His son to save us from sin. 
  • White Center Candle. Not all advent wreaths feature this fifth candle to be lit on Christmas day, but for those that do, it is sometimes called the 'Christ Candle'. This represents Christ and purity. 

  • Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day and continues on over the next three Sundays. On the first Sunday of Advent, one of the purple candles on the advent wreath is lit. On week two, both the first candle AND a second purple candle are lit. Week three, light both purple candles and the pink candle. On the 4th and final week, light all candles. If using a white center candle, this will be lit on Christmas. During each lighting, a scripture is read and a prayer given.

    Advent calendars can be used as well to provide a daily countdown, and daily scripture readings to prepare our hearts for Christmas. (Advent calendars start on December 1st.)

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    2. Oooh very interesting!! I never really knew the meaning behind advent!! I always thought it was just a countdown of sorts!! Now it makes a lot more sense and meaning <3


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