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Fall Back in Love with Prescription Eyewear with GlassesShop {A Review + Discount Code}

**Glasses received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.

When I was in the 4th grade, I got glasses for the first time and I must admit I was pretty excited. For whatever reason, I thought glasses were the coolest! I could not wait to pick out my first pair and I wore them with pride. As I got older, that excitement over my glasses faded. What once was fun, now seemed to just get in the way of pulling off that perfect look. For the longest time, I held onto that thought.

That is until I discovered shopping for glasses online with GlassesShop.com.

So, what is GlassesShop?

GlassesShop is an American owned and operated online retailer of eyeglasses. Since the website launch in 2004, we have delivered over a million pairs of eyeglasses while maintaining our standard of providing the highest quality at affordable prices. We are a group of eye doctors that understands your struggle with the high cost of eyeglasses. We strive to make your experience with GlassesShop.com one that is not only user-friendly but also professional and reliable. Being able to deliver superior eyeglasses at an unbeatably-low price has allowed us to help people all over the world see clearly and, in turn, has provided our team with a more rewarding experience than we could have ever anticipated. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Before GlassesShop, I wore the same glasses for YEARS! Being on a single income military budget, I didn't think I could actually afford to have more than one pair. So I always went with something safe, something boring. Something that would work for every single day with every single outfit. I didn't see me glasses as a fashion accessory so much as I saw them as a necessity.

But with GlassesShop, I found that glasses could be affordable! I found that no longer was I tied to just one pair, but because of their great prices, I could afford a pair or two...or even three! I could give myself options. I could try out fun new styles that I may have been apprehensive to try before because I didn't want to have to wear them every single day. I could even find affordable prescription sunglasses. I once again had that excitement of wearing glasses and shopping for new ones back! Take my newest pair for example- their Kensee Rectangle - Red/Clear. I must admit, as much as I loved these fun, retro styled frames- they aren't really a style I probably would have chosen in the past because they aren't one that I felt would go with absolutely everything. Now, I love having choices! I love mixing it up! I love having fun with my glasses! And most importantly, I love saving money!

In addition to their already fantastic prices, right now, you can use the code GSHOT50 at checkout to receive 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded). Amazing! These are truly too great of a deal to pass up!

Ready to learn more or start shopping? Head on over to see everything GlassesShop.com has to offer!

Have you ordered from GlassesShop.com? How was your experience? What glasses on their site would you most like to wear?


  1. Omgosh those glasses look amazing on you!! I love them!! Im so glad the site was easy to shop from and you found a pair that was fun and you love!!

  2. You look super cute in these! buying glasses online is so much cheaper than buying them at the store. I think the last time they charged me over $300. I could have bought three cool styles online for that price!


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