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Toilet Paper Roll Frankenstein {A Monstrously Fun Halloween Kids Craft}

Less than a week before Halloween... how about one more craft before the day arrives!? This time we're going to make a fun monster craft your little ones are sure to love-

Toilet Paper Roll Frankenstein 

  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Green Paint
  • Permanent Marker
  • Google-y Eyes
  • Glue

  1. First up, make sure all toilet paper bits are removed from the toilet paper roll to get it ready to paint. Choose a green paint of your choice. I went with a darker green, but use whatever you have! Paint the roll entirely. Allow to dry. (Speed up the process with a blow dryer!)
  2. Now, glue the eyes on. You may find you need to flatten the side they will go on slightly for them to stick. You can use school glue if your little ones are doing the project on their own, or help them with a hot glue gun if you'd like a faster result. Allow to dry.
  3. Now draw on the face. Give him some hair, add a mouth, give him some scars. Make him as friendly or as spooky as you want. You can also get creative with this step with additional supplies if you wish- use construction paper to cut and glue hair or mouth... use what you have on hand, or even paint if you'd prefer!

That's it! This super simple craft is incredibly easy for kids of all ages, and a fun addition to your holiday decor!


  1. Loooove Frankenstein!! My son and I could make these and I could wear my Frank LLR leggings while we do it ;) Yay!

  2. i love this idea because it is kid friendly and the kids will have fun making them. i appreciate you sharing this creative idea.

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