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Make Money & Save Money with Dealspotr!

I love a good deal! Who doesn't, right? If ever I am shopping- be it online or in store- I am always looking for ways to keep a little extra money in my pocketbook. And I must say, I'm pretty good at finding those deals. In fact, people often come to me and ask..."How do you do it!?" So, when I heard about Dealspotr, I knew it was the website for me! Whether you're an expert deal spotter or just a shopper looking for deals, Dealspotr has a little something for everyone!

For the Deal Spotters

The best part for me about Dealspotr for me is the chance to make extra money by doing something I already love to do...finding and sharing great deals! When you post deals, you earn points which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.

Now, I must admit, I'm always a little skeptical about these type of sites where points are earned. I've found for me personally, I've not had much luck with them...the tasks were too time consuming, or the points took forever to amount to much of anything! This is absolutely not the case with Dealspotr. In fact, my first day, I earned a $20 Amazon credit! Not even a week later, I am well on my way to the next cashout level--- an additional $10!

Here's how it works:

1. Sign up here, using access code fdsiiNVjhttps://dealspotr.com/join?source=influencer
Just for signing up you will receive a 5000 point bonus--- that's $5!!

2. Now, for all you bloggers, add your blog link to your profile and place a button on your blog. Verify the button under Influencer Tools. This upgrades you to Silver Status and gives you a 15,000 point bonus...an additional $15! With these two steps alone, you've already earned a $20 Amazon gift card! Amazingly simple, right?

3. Again, bloggers...you can increase your status to Gold by posting your first 5 deals, write an article much like this and submit it for review. This will give you another 15,000 point bonus ($15). And when you reach Gold Status, you'll be given the option to cash out via Paypal as well!

4. So, now that you're all signed up... it's time to continue earning point! Don't worry, that's just as easy as the sign up bonuses! Simply post deals as you find them across the web! You can post up to 3 deals a day and earn varying amounts of points depending on the deal. Coupon codes for entire stores are worth more points than product deals. Deals posted for user requested stores will earn even MORE points. When users 'spot' your deals, you continue earning points...if they go 'Hot' or 'On Fire', you'll earn even more!  You can also spot deals that other users have posted- up to 5 a day...if those deals end up 'On Fire', you can earn even more points. As your Deal Rep improves, you'll earn additional bonuses for the deals you add!

5. Each day you'll be given a checklist, if you choose to complete it, you will earn a daily 200 point bonus on top of the point for those individual tasks.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can build up points and truly make decent money from the simple task of sharing deals! Awesome, right? I am loving it, and hope you all join and love it too!

For The Deal Shoppers

For those of you who just want to save, Dealspotr is just as amazing! I know, I know...there are a ton of great deal sites out there...so why choose Dealspotr?

  • Dealspotr is the "Wikipedia of deals". The deals are uploaded by its over 30,000 users, to ensure deals are accurate and complete!
  • Highest coverage and reliability of coupon codes. Every time a new promo code, verification that it is a working code is required! This helps to provide the best accuracy possible. 
  • Personal Feed of Deals. With Dealspotr, you are able to set up a personal newsfeed that shows you the categories and stores that YOU want to see so you are better able to find the deals most relevant to you!
Ready to save AND make money!? Go join Dealspotr now! 


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