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Top 5 Ways To Use Inspirational Journals from Dayspring {$5 Journal Weekend Flash Sale!}

**I received journal for consideration. All thoughts are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

Confession: I absolutely, positively love cute notebooks and journals.

Perhaps it's the writer in me, or maybe it's the fact that I'm crazy forgetful and need to write everything down... but whatever the case, I'm a journal girl. If I see a beautiful journal (and especially if it's a great price), I have to have it! But this sometimes means that I wind up with a stack of journals that just sit... more than I can use! What's a girl to do?

Sound like you? Then today's post if for you! In celebration of Dayspring's $5 Journal Flash Sale, I'm sharing my Top 5 ways to put those journals to good use!

Prayer Journal. 
We all know that prayer is one of the most important things we can do to strengthen our relationship with Christ is to pray. After all, what is a relationship without communication? But, so often I find myself forgetting certain things I want to pray for in my daily prayers. How do I organize these thoughts? A prayer journal can help. It gives us a space to write down all of those prayers we think throughout the day, and a chance to go back over them and pray all over again for things that we may otherwise have forgotten. Not only that, but it gives us a chance to look back at what we have prayed for in the past and see how God has answered those prayers. Perhaps even reflect upon that. Of course we know that God answers prayers, but sometimes when you are tirelessly praying for something that just never seems to happen, looking at those past prayers big and small that have been answered can give us hope that God will take care of us and that He is listening.

Illustrate Your Faith.
It's no secret that I am all about Bible journaling! But what if you cannot afford a more expensive journaling Bible, or you don't feel comfortable with the idea of drawing in your Bible? Use a regular journal!! You can still create beautiful art and worship God in this unique way that so many have fallen in love with, just in a separate book. (And the Illustrated Faith kits and products from Dayspring will still work perfectly too!)

Stay Organized.
Did I mention that I have a horrible memory? If it weren't for lists, I'd probably go crazy! Or at least, I'd walking around rather confused anyway! Journals are great because they are not only cuter than a typical notebook, but they tend to be smaller too! Make your lists and take them wherever you go! There are even some pocket size journals that are perfect for this! I personally love those for my grocery shopping and errands lists because as a mom to littles, my bag is always full enough as it is!

Encourage a Friend.
Another great things about journals is that they make great gifts! They're not overly expensive, but they are the perfect way to show those you love that you were thinking about them. You can even leave them a note on the first pages to remind them just how much you care. If you have a friend who is struggling and needs that extra bit of encouragement, pass along an inspirational journal to offer just that. Give them a place to vent, a place to reflect, a place to get it all out.

Study the Bible.
When I was in high school, I was a crazy note taker. I had bulleted notes from whatever I was studying at the time so that I could easily go back through and remember what I had learned and read... writing it all down helped me to absorb it all. Why not use that same idea when studying the Bible? Whether you are reading it on your own, following a Bible study or devotional, or even just want to take notes from your pastor's sermon, a journal is a great place to do that! You will be able to look back upon these pages for years to come and remember your thoughts and see how your faith has grown.

These are just a few of the fun ways that you can put journals to good use outside of typical journaling. The possibilities are truly endless! No matter how you choose to use them, inspirational journals from Dayspring are a must see.

And starting today, they are offering a flash sale! Select journals are on sale for just $5! There are some gorgeous selections to choose from including this lovely Fringe Hours journal! At this price, there has never been a better time to buy! Stock up for yourself, or get a head start on Christmas- it'll be here before we know it! But you have to hurry, the sale ends Sunday, August 21! Get them while you can! 

Are you a journaler? What other creative ways have you found to use your journals? Take a look at the Weekend Flash Sale, and let me know which styles are YOUR favorite! 


  1. I love cute journals too! Even though I never have time to write in them lol!!


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