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Top 5 Reasons To Fall in Love with Nicole {A LuLaRoe Giveaway}

Let's talk LuLaRoe!

If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you have already figured out that I am a little bit obsessed with this fantastic company! And it truly is hard not to be! So, what IS LuLaRoe? It's 'an exclusive clothing line designed to for women of all ages, sizes, and shapes. LuLaRoe is simply comfortable fashion at affordable prices. Limited prints in various styles so inventory is constantly changing, LuLaRoe offers skirts, tops, dresses, active bottoms, leggings, and kids clothes. Independent fashion consultants sell LuLaRoe from in home boutiques, pop-up shops, and online'. 

Every time I introduce someone new to LuLaRoe I feel the need to preface with a warning--- these amazing clothes are quite addictive...and it just takes one piece to start it all!

For many, that one piece is the Nicole Dress! With it's flattering scoop neckline, mid-length sleeves, a fitted bodice, and a full circle skirt, it's not difficult to fall in love with this stunning dress! Today, I'm sharing with you just 5 of the reasons to fall head over heels for Nicole-

She's flattering...on ALL Body Shapes!

Okay, so I've found that many people don't take me seriously when I discuss just how flattering Nicole is because being thin, they believe that ALL styles are flattering. And while that's not entirely true either, perhaps it IS easier for petite women like myself to find flattering styles. I'll give you that. But I don't speak entirely from my own experience. I have friends of all shapes and sizes who absolutely, positively cannot get enough of Nicole. From XXS to 3XL, these women feel beautiful in ways that they have not in many years. And they don't just FEEL beautiful, they truly look it too! It is astonishing to me that one dress can be universally flattering on so many different body types, but it truly is!

She twirls.

So this might seem like a bit of a frivolous reason... but it's true! As little girls we all loved wearing dresses that twirl, right? My own daughter personally loves her Dot Dot Smile dresses from LuLaRoe- also known for their twirl! The Nicole gives us big kids at heart that option too! I dare you not to try it at least once!

She's modest.

For me personally, dressing modestly is something that is very important to me. Modesty means something a little different to everyone, but to me that means I don't like wearing short skirts or shorts, nothing too low cut and I honestly prefer wearing sleeves when I can. Perhaps it's because I am smaller and tend to have to shop more juniors sizes, but this can be really hard to find in dresses. They are either super short, sleeveless, lowcut or all of the above! As much as I love wearing dresses, that has made shopping really difficult. But Nicole (and other dresses from LuLaRoe) are perfect. Interesting fact- the creator of LLR is LDS, and while this is not a religion I follow myself, I HAVE found that when looking for fashionable modest clothing options, LDS companies are the way to go! From the sleeves to the longer skirt, I feel beautiful and still covered in this dress! I will say in full disclosure, if you're more blessed in the chest area, you may still have some cleavage to deal with, but in my opinion, still less than you would in other dresses on the market! You can also wear it backwards for an elegant high neckline and scoop back too!

She's unique!

One of the really unique things about LuLaRoe is that only limited pieces are made of each print across all the styles... so if you see a piece you love, you may never see it again in your size! (This is the nature of the LuLaRoe unicorn!) Personally I love knowing that I have something in my closet that not everyone and their mom has too! And LuLaRoe always offers a fun variety of prints for just about everyone. The dress I'm wearing has a fun vintage-y feel...others offer fun stripes or geometric shapes. There really is a print out there for every taste! And because consultants order size and style only...you never know exactly what you may discover! 

She's comfortable.

If you've tried ANY piece of LuLaRoe, comfort is probably the first word that comes to mind...and it's 100% true! It is unbelievable how comfortable these clothes are! Do you ever come in from work or church and immediately change into lounge clothes? With LuLaRoe and Nicole, you really don't have to! I've fallen asleep in my LLR because they were more comfortable than my actual PJs!! It sounds crazy, but it's true! As a mom to a toddler and a very energetic 8 year old, I love that with the Nicole I can look beautiful, but still keep up with my kids too!

So, are you ready to fall in love with Nicole too? This is just one of the beautiful styles that our lovely sponsor Holly Wells will have available at her launch on Wednesday, June 8! Holly is a mom of two boys, 2 years old and 7 months old. She's married to an Army helicopter pilot stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. As a fellow military wife, I can tell you that a career as a military spouse is not easy. LuLaRoe is allowing her to have a career that is flexible enough for the military lifestyle, and allows her to be with her boys too! As a shopper of LuLaRoe myself, I love knowing that my purchases are helping real women like Holly!

Want to shop the launch? Here are the details you need to know:

Holly Wells  LuLaRoe VIP Launch
Wednesday, June 8 at 5 pm PST
Styles carried: Azure, Cassie, Julia, Nicole, Lindsay, Irma, Randy, Gracie, Kids Leggings, Tween Leggings, and both One Size and Tall and Curvy Leggings

Join HERE so you don't miss it!

You can also keep up with Holly here:

Instagram - @lularoehollywells
Periscope - @lularoehollyw

And to celebrate, Holly is giving one very lucky reader the chance to win a Nicole for themselves! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

Winner will be contacted via e-mail after giveaway ends, and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. One entry per household, winning entry will be verified. Odds of winning depend on valid entries received. A Modern Day Fairy Tale is not responsible for prize delivery.


  1. Ahh!! I just got my first Nicole and Im so excited to try her!!

  2. Nicole is my absolute favorite piece.

  3. I love this! thank you for the chance to win! I have not tried the Nicole yet and would love to!

  4. I love my Nicoles! So comfortable and so flattering, and I love the twirl. They make me feel so pretty and girly!

  5. Haven't tried a Nicole yet would love to though!!!

  6. Haven't tried a Nicole yet would love to though!!!

  7. She is beautiful and love that she feels comfortable to wear any where.

  8. This dress looks so comfy! I would love to try LuLaRoe! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  9. So cute would love to try them! Thank you for the chance and the great review!

  10. I have heard amazing things about LuLaRoe, but only bought my first item yesterday. I bought leggings and cannot wait to try them. I think their dresses, particularly this one are gorgeous! (There were no dresses at the pop up yesterday)

  11. So beautiful! I love lularoe! I own about 5 leggings and 3 irmas and could just live in them! I'm sure I would feel the same way about the nicole!

  12. I appreciate the point you make about being modest-- it's not necessarily a style choice I cultivate for religious reasons as much as professional ones, but it's difficult to find clothing that is both modest and fun! And you look wonderful in that pattern. :-)

  13. I love my Nicole Dress and would love to give my mom one!

  14. That dress looks super cute on you - great color with your hair!

  15. i ahven't tried anything from lularoe yet, but i have heard so many great things about the comfort and feel of fabric


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