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Celebrate Your Other Mother with LovePop Cards #sp #OtherMother

Mother's Day is almost here and naturally we're all thinking about how we can honor the most important woman in our lives- our mothers! We celebrate everything they have done for us through cards, gifts or a phone call to let them know we are thinking of them on this day. Honoring your mother on Mother's Day is wonderful of course, but what about those 'Other Mothers' in your life? Why don't we honor them too?

So, what is an Other Mother?

Maybe it’s a step mother or mother-in-law who doesn’t fit that simple definition of mom, but she has been a wonderful addition to your life, and you never quite stopped to tell her.

If you’re a mom, maybe it’s the village of women helping you to raise your children – the new mom friends in the neighborhood who pick up the kids when you can’t or the old friends who pour you that second glass of wine.

Or maybe it’s a teacher who has taken countless children under her wing, who is a surrogate mom to so many she doesn’t even realize her impact.

An other mother can be truly any woman who has made a positive impact on your life. A woman who has been there for you when you needed her, who has been a friend, a mentor, an inspiration. She is a woman who did not birth you, but plays a huge part in your life nonetheless.

Do you have an Other Mother in your life?

Personally, I am lucky enough to have two.

First up is my mom's best friend, Diane. My mom first met her when my oldest sister was in preschool with her son. Nearly 30 years ago. They quickly became friends and throughout our childhood, we were always together. She would take care of us on days when we were sick and my own mom had to work. We would all go shopping together. We took family day trips together. When I was 18 years old and Diane moved out of state back to her own hometown, not only did we help them pack and move, but I actually went and stayed with her for several months. Looking back at my childhood, her home truly was another home to me and my sisters. And as a grown up, I have found that while I am very much like my own mom, I have certainly learned a lot and picked up traits from her as well. When I have big news, she is among the first on my list to call. She truly has been like a another mother to me throughout my life and I consider her not to be my mom's best friend, but a member of our family. Words cannot explain how much she means to me and how blessed I am to call her my other mother.

The next is my mother in law Lisa. Now, I know that many people don't have great relationships with their in laws, but I've been blessed with some pretty great ones. You see, when my husband and I were first engaged and married, there were a lot of people in our lives that didn't approve. They felt we were jumping in too quickly and didn't know each other well enough- after all, we hadn't met in person but a few weeks before becoming engaged and just months before being married. Still, from the beginning, my MIL welcomed me into the family with open arms. She accepted me as one of her own and made me feel right at home. With my social anxiety, I actually have a really difficult time feeling comfortable with most people- even those I've known for years- so this truly is saying something. We bonded over our mutual loves of yard sales, coupons, vintage Pyrex and Hoarders. She has been a constant source of love and encouragement who has truly made such a difference in my life. I am so lucky to have such an amazing mother in law whom I can also call a friend.

While these other mothers will never replace or compete with the relationship I have with my actual mother, they are relationships that I treasure and that have impacted my life for the better. These are women I admire and love, and who deserve a little recognition too.

Want to recognize the Other Mother in your life? LovePop cards wants to help!

Share the story of YOUR Other Mother here. EVERY Other Mother submission will receive a special Love Pop card sent to their Other Mother. Pretty amazing, right? And to show their thanks to every mother this year, 3 lucky submissions will be selected to have a Love Pop gift basket sent to them! All it takes is a few minutes to share their story and remind them how much they mean to you!!

From real mothers to Other Mothers, LovePop has the right card for EVERY mother in your life! These cards are so much more than a typical card you'd pick up at the grocery store. They are a work of art that are sure to bring a smile to all who receive them.

Take a look at what sets LovePop apart from other cards on the market:

A Lovepop is more than a card. The intricate 3D paper sculptures are designed by naval engineers on cutting edge software and then hand-crafted in the Asian art form of sliceform kirigami.

Whether it’s to thank your aunt for never telling your parents about that one time, or appreciating your teacher for never giving up on you; send a LovePop card that is as unique as the story you share with your “Other Mother”. 

What we offer:

  • Each piece of paper art is hand-assembled for impeccable finish craftsmanship
  • Add a personalized, hand written message 
  • Add custom inserts into your cards to create that little bit of creative flair needed to fit the moment
  • Create an entirely custom card to suit any occasion
  • Order online 
  • International Shipping

Do you have a mother in your life that would love a LovePop card? Take a look around and let me know what card you would love to send. And don't forget to go here and nominate your Other Mother so that they can get their FREE LovePop too!!

Want to try LovePop for yourself? Order online for Mother's Day orders, and check back on Tuesday, April 26th for the chance to WIN!!


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