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Non-Candy Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Easter is almost here, and while we don't do the whole Easter bunny thing in my home, I DO love creating fun Easter baskets for my little ones.

When you think of Easter basket goodies, what comes to mind?

Perhaps one of the most common responses is CANDY! Chocolate bunnes, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, Peeps...the list goes on and on. Don't get me wrong. I love me some Easter candy, but when it comes to my children, we do try to limit their candy where we can. But that doesn't mean their Easter baskets cannot be just as wonderful! Today I'm sharing a few non-candy Easter basket ideas!

The Big Gifts

First up, we're going to look at the big gifts. 'Big' doesn't necessarily mean expensive. It just means that these are items that don't fit easily into an Easter egg.

  • Bible and/or Devotional. In my opinion, Easter is the most important day of the year for Christians. How could we be Christians if not for Easter. A great way to remind little ones of this is by gifting them a new Bible or devotional in their basket!
  • Movies. Is there a movie your little ones have had their eye on? Easter is a great time to bring it home to them. Some of our favorites for Easter have always been Veggie Tales or Disney movies, but there are so many great options that have recently been released that would be a perfect addition!
  • Books. Can a child really have too many books? I think not. Pick out some Easter/spring books, or something appropriate throughout the year!
  • Craft Supplies. Coloring books and crayons. Play Doh. Perler Beads. Even just a plain ol' pack of construction paper. These can all be wonderful inexpensive ways to fill your Easter basket. This will come in particularly handy during those rainy spring days!
  • Rain Gear. Speaking of rainy spring days, Easter can be a really fun time to prepare your little ones for the crazy spring weather. New raincoats and rainboots. Maybe an umbrella. Go with a favorite theme or character for a practical gift that your kids will still love.
  • Outdoor Toys. With spring weather arriving, Easter really is the best time to stock up on everything needed for outdoor fun- a new swimming pool, hula hoops, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, kites...the possibilities are endless! 
The Egg Gifts

After you get the big gifts out of the way, it's time to think about those smaller gifts- the gifts that fit easily into Easter eggs for the basket or for the hunt!

  • Money. Now, I'm not talking big bills here. Maybe $1 or two at most, but in my experience, even a nickle here or a dime there can be really exciting to find inside an Easter egg.
  • Chapstick/Mini Nailpolish. My daughter loves makeup so kid friendly 'makeup' items are an ideal fit for her!
  • Blind Bags. Make it a Surprise Egg Easter Egg with some fun blind bags for your little one- Shopkins, Lego minifigures...these are a fun non-candy surprise that I know my children would be thrilled to find.
  • Stickers. Are there any kids who don't love stickers? These are inexpensive egg fillers that are much better than candy! Temporary tattoos are another great option!
  • Socks. Now, for the bigger kids, socks may not fit, but for the little ones this is another cute, practical idea.
  • Erasers/Small Toys. You can find small inexpensive toys from party supply stores, or even in the Easter sections elsewhere.

Some other helpful tips:

  • Go with a theme. When it comes to Easter baskets, I find going with a theme to be very helpful. Pick a theme your little one loves and work around that. In the past, I have created Thomas baskets, Disney baskets, princess baskets, Veggie Tales baskets...well, you get the idea! This year, the theme is all about getting outside!
  • It doesn't have to break the bank to be an awesome basket! Don't have a huge budget for Easter baskets? That's okay! Try the bargain sections at stores like Target, or head to your local dollar store! There are plenty of ways to get a great basket without spending a ton of money!
  • Keep the Basket. When my son was a little younger, we found ourselves buying a cheap basket each and every year. Sure, it was cheap enough, but it was still an added expense. When my daughter arrived, we decided to pick up a few sturdier Easter baskets to use year after year instead. They cost a bit more, sure... but will last for years and years to come! (And they're a bit bigger too which is a plus for egg hunts!!) 


  1. Yes!! We love doing non candy gifts instead of a bunch of junk!! We usually find outdoor ideas/toys since my son's birthday is in the winter we use this as an opportunity to get him some summer things to play with!! Bonus for it ebing close to tax time lol!!

  2. I like books for the baskets.

    slehan at juno dot com

  3. My son is all grown up now, but I used to love making his basket. I used to fill it with a little candy and lots of other fun stuff. Ex. sidewalk chalk, bubbles, books, coloring book with crayons, etc!!

  4. I am getting ready to make up the baskets, so these last minute ideas are greatly appreciated.

  5. What great ideas! I loved getting stickers as a little kid. I kind of still do, haha ;)

  6. we always try to put things in the Easter basket that aren't candy. (Oh, there's plenty of candy in them, too, but you don't want to have them literally buzzing from sugar overload, lol.)

  7. My daughter just was over a year old for this Easter but I feel like we might do a basket next year and these are great tips, I think we'll do crayons and craft supplies and maybe a stuffed toy too.


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