Friday, February 26, 2016

Flashback to the 90s: A Few Favorite Things

As most of you have probably heard by now, Fuller House premiered on Netflix TODAY!!

Anyone who knows me personally knows me knows how very excited I am about this! Some of you may recall me talking about how I'm a huge Candace Cameron Bure fan, so I always look forward to anything that she's in! But Fuller House moreso than any other. I literally grew up watching the show- I was just one month old when it premiered! My sisters and I LOVED watching it every week- though for whatever reason, we called it 'Baby and Guys' back then. I love that this little piece of my childhood is now coming back...and not just through old reruns and DVDs. You can be sure to know what I will doing this weekend- along with so many other 90s kids!

The excitement of Fuller House had me thinking about some of my other favorite things from the 90s! Today, in honor of the premier I wanted to share just a few of my other 90s favorites! Here's my little blast from the past:


Full House wasn't the only reason we were excited for Friday nights- though it was certainly high on the list. I loved the entire TGIF lineup- Family Matters, Step by Step, Clueless & Sabrina... and of course, the best show ever on television- Boy Meets World!!! I greatly miss that there is no longer a good lineup of lighthearted shows that were fun for the entire family to watch- though I've certainly introduced my own kids to some of these favorites.

Baby-Sitters Club Books

I have always been a big reader and when I was younger, nothing could beat The Baby-Sitters Club! I have read every single book- from the main series and the specials and mysteries, to Little Sister and California Diaries. I've even read the BSC Forever books, though those didn't come in the 90s. They were my absolute favorites and I could not get enough! And of course, I watched the TV show and the movie too! At one point, I even had my room decorated in all things BSC with little sections dedicated to each character. Seriously, obsessed!


Like many 90s kids, I was also a big fan of Goosebumps books (and shows too). Some of my favorites were the 'Give Yourself Goosebumps' books... you know, the ones where you chose your own ending. Of course I always had to read back through to see all possible endings! This is another one that is so fun to see making a comeback! My son loves it even more than I did as a child, and its fun to share that with him.

Spice Girls

Need I really say more? I was a girl. In the 90s. Of course, I loved Spice Girls! And like all girls, my sisters and our friends all had our favorite whom we dressed as- mine was Posh. To be entirely honest, I'm shocked my mom allowed us to dress as them (though tamer, I assure you), but there are pictures somewhere, I'm certain! To this day I cannot hear Wannabe without singing along! I'm a fan of a lot of other 90s pop too, but Spice Girls are certainly among the top picks!

Power Rangers

Sure, Power Rangers may still be around, but everyone knows that they have never been as good as the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Was there any 90s kids who didn't love them? Was there a 90s kid who didn't pretend to be their favorite Ranger? Mine, of course, was the pink ranger! Looking back, I'm honestly not sure what the appeal was... but it still brings back fond memories for me!

Were you a 90s kid? What are some of your favorites from the 90s? Will you be binge watching Fuller House on Netflix too?


  1. Totally miss TGIF lineup!! I rewatch all of them all the time!! Step by Step and Boy Meets World were always my favs!!

  2. I watched Fuller House over the weekend, and I was not disappointed. I miss TGIF too. As for 90's nostalgia, I was also obsessed with The Baby-Sitters Club! I even tried starting my own club! My Mom worked at the hospital and they offered a safe babysitter class that I took to learn basic first aid, CPR, and more. I couldn't get anyone else to join with me, but I did babysit a few of the neighborhood kids.

  3. I never watched full house but I know a few people who loved it so I may have to check it out now. I love goosebumps as a kid.


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