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Care Bears & Cousins Season 2 Coming to Netflix February 5 #ShareYourCare

Did you grow up loving Care Bears? 

These lovable, huggable bears are hard not to love... and with their new Netflix show- Care Bears & Cousins- they've become loved once again by a whole new generation of kids! If your little one has already fallen in love with these sweet bears, they will be thrilled to learn that they are returning February 5 with an all new season!!! Check it out:

With phenomenal fan support, “Care Bears & Cousins,an American Greetings Entertainment  Netflix Original Series, premieres Season 2 on February 5, 2016.  www.Netflix.com/CareBears
The whole huggable gang of Cousins from the Forest of Feelings is back with six more episodes to share.  For more than 30 years, these kind-hearted, huggable friends have taught the importance of caring for others and sharing special feelings wherever they go!
“Fans of all ages have been rainbow-terrific to follow our adventures on Netflix, states Brave Heart Lion.  “We are thrilled to continue to share and care with everyone in 2016!”  

Awesome, right? Haven't fallen in love yet? There's still time before the premier to get caught up with season one! And for even more fun- Build A Bear Workshop has introduced a new line of Care Bear Build a Bears!! Now, your little ones can snuggle with their favorite characters while they catch up on their show! Fun!!
Stay up to date with all things Care Bears at the links below:
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Will your little ones be watching Care Bears & Cousins on February 5? Share their favorite Care Bear in the comments below.


  1. Aw, Im so excited to see the care bears back!! Reminds me of my childhood!!

  2. I never watched care bears but I keep trying to see if my daughter will like it so I can catch up on what I've missed out on!


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