Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Simple Ways to Say 'Thank You, Teacher!': A Gift Book Review

**Book received for review. All thoughts are my own.

Teachers do so much for our little ones don't they?

They spend their days working with our children to help teach them everything they need to know to succeed. And it doesn't stop when the bell rings. They spend their evenings grading papers, writing lesson plans and coming up with new ways to reach their students. Many teachers even use their own money to make sure their classroom is stocked with everything our little ones need.

And when you have one of those great teachers who goes above and beyond...? Oh, what a difference that can make. Having a child in special education, we have seen both bad teachers and good teachers...and those great teachers really make such an amazing impact, inspiring a love of learning that will carry on beyond the classroom. Yes, teachers truly do a lot, and they deserve the utmost appreciation for all they do.

But, how do we show teachers how much they are appreciated?

Here are a few quick ways:

  • Volunteer in the classroom. Teachers have a lot on their plate, when possible, volunteer your own time to help lighten the load.
  • Donate supplies. As I said, teachers often pay out of their own pocket for classroom supplies so help out by donating what you can.
  • Help your child at home- be a team! Teachers cannot do it all without parental support. Make sure to help your children outside of the classroom as well. Let your child's teacher know that you are willing to do your part too.
  • Give a Starbucks gift card. Who couldn't use an extra pick me up in the morning? It doesn't have to be much, but a simple cup of coffee can be a great way to say I was thinking of you!
  • Simply say thank you. 

Another fun way to say thank you is with the fun new book Thank You, Teacher!:

Thank your teachers for everything they do by giving them this adorable gift book Thank You, Teacher! Cute and compact, this book expresses appreciation for the knowledge and encouragement teachers offer their students, and also recognizes all the tasks they perform outside the classroom. With charming illustrations and sweet words, this book acknowledges instructors with a special note of gratitude. Tell your mentors how much you appreciate them with Thank You, Teacher!

This book is an adorable, fun way to let your child's teacher know that you appreciate all they do. It acknowledges those late nights, it acknowledges those moments when our kids are having struggles and aren't acting their best, it acknowledges the inspiration and creativity that a good teacher will bring. Whether for the holidays, the end of the year or just because, this truly is a gift that your child's teacher will treasure for years to come! It is an inexpensive gift, with a message that goes a long way.

Ready to show the teacher in your life how much they are appreciated? Thank You, Teacher! is available to purchase now.


  1. Love these ideas!! Teachers are really amazing!! I love the starbucks gift card idea!! This book is really sweet too!! Really comes from the heart <3

  2. We really should evaluate the work of the teachers. They give our children everything the most precious and valuable. We should be grateful for this.

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  10. A good teacher is everything a parent can never be , so we must express our thanks to them. You can try following,
    Give them an apple. ...
    Tell them that you appreciate them. ...
    Give them a gift card. ...
    Bring them their favorite food ...
    Send them an email wish.etc

    You can also try your own creative ideas....


"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb: sweet to the soul and health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24