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For as long as there have been smart phones, there have been smart phone mishaps!

Raise your hand if you've ever dropped your phone in the toilet or other body of water?

What about leaving it on the roof of your car and driving off?
Maybe a kid got a hold of it with their slippery hands?

Perhaps you're just clumsy and dropped it out of the blue? 
Or fell yourself and the phone caught you?

I'll admit, even though I'm usually very careful with my phone... it's happened to me too! For me, I learned the lesson very quickly to ALWAYS check my lap before getting out of my husband's high jeep...and that concrete and iPhones just do not mix! Oops! And like so many, I'd be lost without my phone...literally! I may not be the biggest phone talker...or even texter... but I do rely on my phone for other things like the GPS or cute photo opps that pop up with my children!

It's times like those that I've been very happy to have Asurion insurance coverage on my phones! Asurion has partnered with the country's leading wireless carriers to be the leading provider of connected life services, which includes device protection on all of our favorite electronics like cellphones, tablets and laptops...and even gaming consoles and speakers. When things go wrong, they help us get back to business quickly and easily!

But what about those phone mishaps or questions that aren't physical? You know, those times when our smart phones out smart us? Did you know that Asurion's Premier Support can help with those issues too? I'll be honest, until recently I didn't either!

Let me share a little story:

Last weekend, my kids and I had planned a trip to go visit my family about three hours away. After an endless day of packing and trying to wrangle two kids to the car we were finally ready to go! We hopped in the car and I picked up the phone to call my mom and my husband to let them know that we were heading out. Only, when I picked up my phone I discovered there was a pass code...which had not been there before. Hmmm... it turns out, while I was busy packing, my tech savvy 8-year-old decided I needed a pass code and had taken it upon himself to help me out. No big deal. My son has a near photographic memory, he could just let me know what the code was and we could get this taken care of. Except he forgot it. Yes, the kid who can tell you what year nearly every movie was made and who made it and can remember events that happened years ago- he'd forgotten the pass code he'd set not an hour earlier! We tried several combinations of my birth date- the code he said he'd used but no luck... now we were completely locked out.

Would you know what to do in that situation? I certainly did not! But that is just the kind of issue that Asurion's Premier Support can help you with. They can solve random mishaps like this or just everyday phone problems with their expert technical advice and support! Whether its a smartphone that just isn't working correctly or laptop issues getting you down, no matter how big or small an issue all it takes is a quick call to Asurion to walk you through it and get you back to enjoying your favorite technology! I had the chance to speak with them myself and loved their professionalism and their willingness to talk me through no matter the issue! (And it couldn't be easier to call with their fantastic app!)

With the holidays around the corner, Asurion knows that people will be buying the latest and greatest gadgets, and may not know how to set them up or use all of the features available. Asurion Premier Support through your wireless carrier can help shorten the learning curve so that we can enjoy our new technology without frustration!

Are you ready to have your phone protected not just from the physical mishaps, but to have all your tech questioned answered too? Ask your mobile carrier for more information!

You can also find more and connect at the links below:

Do you have tech issues you just cannot figure out on your own? How can Asurion help make your tech life a little easier?


  1. I have never owned a smart phone. I guess I just never wanted one. Asurion would be wonderful if I decided to buy one some day.

  2. This sounds really interesting--I will have my husband check it out.

  3. I have had Asurion insurance on my phone since the 2 toilet incidences of 2003 lol!!! I love them!! they are amazing and so good about getting you a new phone overnight!! Its truly so amazing and the people who work there are super nice!!

  4. I will have to check into them... I dropped my smartphone a little over a month ago and it is broken. I was going to go back to not having one because I didn't really call that many people anyway and my contract was well over. I am now feeling so lost... No photos and video, no gps, no quick e-mail check or instant messages... I was more dependent on my device than I thought... I love that Asurion can help with those crazy little issues too! Thanks for sharing!

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