Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jesus Loves Me: A Book Review + Easy Kids Craft #FCBlogger

**Book received for review. All thoughts are my own.

Earlier this fall, I shared a super fun sound book with you from Little Words Matter called 'The Whole World in His Hands'. (You can see that review here.) This fun book quickly became a favorite for my two year old, and we could not wait to add more to our little home library!

Next up? Jesus Loves Me!

Now, as much as I loved The Whole World in His Hands, Jesus Loves Me might just be even better! As a child, I remember loving this cute little song, and as a mom, I enjoy teaching it to my children. If there is just one lesson that I can teach my children about Jesus, it would be just that... that Jesus loves them, just as they are! And the simple words of this favorite Sunday School song teach them just that. It's a song simple enough for even the smallest of children to learn and remember this valuable lesson! It's hard not to love this song!

And it's hard not to love the sound book too!

These little words can share a big message about Jesus!

See the pictures, touch the buttons, and hear the words of a childhood favorite—Jesus Loves Me! With six sound buttons and an on/off switch, this delightful sound book will remind little ones of just how much they are loved by the Lord.

In the Little Words Matter™ books, it only takes a few words to share a big message. Crafted especially for toddlers, these books make biblical truths easily understandable and enjoyable for little ones and their parents too!

This book in the Little Words Matters collection had absolutely everything that we loved about the other. The pictures were adorable- vibrant and fun, just what every child loves. But most importantly, fun buttons to push and listen to. What child does not love that? Just like The Whole World in His Hands, this book doesn't just offer fun sound effects as many sound books do, but actually reads the whole story aloud to your child.

While I love reading to my children, sometimes I just am not able to do so. I have a house to clean, meals to prepare, places to drive to. This book allows kids who are too young to read themselves the ability to still hear the story while playing on their own! For my family, this makes it an ideal choice to toss into our diaper bags for holiday travel. My older child can read his books along the way, while my daughter can 'listen' to this one too!

We are excited to add this fun sound book to our personal collection and find it to be a great choice for every toddler! It is available to purchase now from Family Christian!

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And to help remind my littles ones this message, we came up with an easy kids craft to go with the book!

Jesus Loves Me Hand Print Heart Craft

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker

  1. Fold your construction paper in half.
  2. Place your little ones hand onto the paper and trace. Their pointer finger and thumb should form a V and  be right on the fold so that when you cut, both sides remain connected.
  3. Cut out hand print. When you unfold, you should see two hand prints coming together to form a heart. (Note: I did this craft with my 2-year-old with her tiny hands. I have found that bigger hands do tend to make more heart like shaped hearts!)
  4. On one hand, help your child to write 'Jesus Loves Me'. 
  5. If desired, decorate as you like! Add a photo of your little one, use stickers or glitter! Make it unique!

This fun craft is CRAZY easy! The perfect rainy/snowy day indoor activity or fun Sunday School craft!

In what other fun ways do you teach your little ones that Jesus loves them? 


  1. That is cute and my son could do it with me easily.

  2. What a cute book!! I love all of your handprint crafts!! So easy and so perfect to keep the tiny hand memory!!

  3. W aht a cute book to teach children with.

  4. I love that hand print heart craft - so cute! And this does look like a nice sound book!!


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