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Fall Fashion Must Haves for the Busy Mom {A Shoetopia Review}

**Product received for review. All thoughts are my own. 

The cool weather has arrived, and that means its time to update our wardrobe accordingly! And I must confess, fall and winter fashions are some of my favorites! The warm colors, the comfy sweaters, the layers... I cannot get enough! Still, as much as I love fashion, I also need to make sure that my clothes are functional and comfortable. As a mom, I need to be able to play with and move comfortably with my children!

Today, I'm sharing my Top Fashion Must Haves for the Busy Mom!

Maxi Skirts/Dresses

I LOVE wearing skirts... to me, they are just more comfortable than jeans. Maxi skirts and dresses allow me to continue doing so even in the cooler weather... plus the added length makes it much easier to get on the floor with the little ones with no worries about wardrobe malfunctions!

Denim Jacket

I am a little obsessed with my denim jacket! It's the perfect way to finish off my fall look- cute dress, boots and a denim jacket- cute and still comfy! It's also a great way to continue wearing your favorite summer dresses throughout the year!


Leggings have become a recent obsession of mine. As I said, to me jeans just aren't that comfortable... but sometimes skirts are still a little drafty! Leggings offer more warmth and protection than skirts, but are just as comfortable- if not more so! I LOVE my leggings. Just make sure to keep it modest with longer tops to cover your bottom!


Finally, you cannot complete your fall look without a great pair of boots- or two! I love boots for a few reasons. First of all, they're adorable! But again, they're also very functional. They provide some added warmth over jeans and leggings and can again be used with shorter dresses to make them more fall-friendly! I personally suggest having at least two pairs- one brown and one black... so that you have a pair to match every outfit! And for the mom with littles, making them comfortable is key. For myself, I prefer to go with flats when possible, or a minimum heel if necessary! And I also prefer taller boots rather than booties!

But no matter what style of boots you prefer, Shoetopia has all of your fall shoes needs covered at a price you can afford!

These fringe layered moccasin style boots are not just on trend, but they're also super comfortable too! They are adorable paired with a cute pair of leggings... easy and fun! These have become my go to boot for every day this fall!

For those days when I want to go a little dressier- these western style cowgirl boots are just what I need! They look adorable paired with a favorite dress, but can be worn with jeans for a more casual look too. They truly are a must have in my shoe collection- ready to be dressed up or down as needed!

And the best part is, they won't break the bank... another essential for the mom wardrobe!

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  1. Wow!! How have I never heard of this site before!! I cannot even stand the cuteness!! I swear a cute pair of boots just really makes an outfit!! Now I know where to get my next pair!!

  2. Boots and jeans are my go-to style in the fall and winter.

  3. These are cute boots - I need to check out this site - I'm always looking for good shoe sites, I don't buy much, but when I do, I want something I really like and comfy, too!!!

  4. I love those boots! Those are absolutely perfect for fall!

  5. I like those black boots a lot. I'm not much for leggings but Lu wears them to school under skirts and even jeans in the winter for added warmth. Bus stops can get cold!

  6. (Fall Fashion Must Haves for the Busy Mom {A Shoetopia Review}) This is the first time I have ever heard of this place before, I 'll have to mention it to my daughter-

  7. My daughter loves boots. She is very good at matching things up. I love maxi skirts and always wear flats.

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